What’s Vogue in Canada…

Hello Indianapolis Fashionistas,

I am just returning from a short, really fun trip abroad to Montreal, Canada. I knew it would be very French, but I was amazed at the number of people rattling off their native language. I love hearing French! I had no idea that Canada was such a diverse nation. It has British, French, Irish, Indigenous…It’s amazing they all live in this country in harmony! (I’m pictured here in the Old City of Montreal.)

Anyway, since I was abroad in a place that “felt” European, I wanted to shop and report back some of the styles I saw people wearing and in the stores…At the very last minute I did not take my black leather Motto jacket. Big mistake!! Everyone there was wearing one — some real and probably some very good faux versions. Oh well. So, if you’re on the fence about investing in this staple, don’t overthink it. Buy one. I like the more hip Motto jacket with zippers. And, don’t buy a jacket that’s too big. Leather jackets really need to fit snug. A couple of my fav places to buy leather–faux or real–is Lucky Jeans, Nordstrom and Armani. (I was thrilled to find a leather Armani jacket at the end of the season for 40 percent off.). When you buy a staple piece of clothing spend as much as you can, since you will be wearing it for many years.

Speaking of leather, I saw some patent leather in some boutiques there. The material was lightweight, very shiny and hop: pencil skirts, leggings, jackets and coats in brown, burgundy, navy and black. I really like these pieces. It will be interesting if we see more of this fabric here in the states.

Other items I saw in Canada’s boutiques were the silk shirt that resembles a pajama top. These are very elegant. I have also seen them in stripes. I love the silk material. You can wear these blouses with skirts, fitted jeans, leather leggings, etc.

On natives and tourists, I saw many, many good quality leather boots. Some had as much as an inch heel. Most of them were the Chelsea boot, which I love for men and women. I don’t yet have one of these I really am thinking about buying an investment leather boot that is good for walking and touring cities, and it’s also good for just everyday wear. I will include a pic here of the Chelsea. I do love Frye boots — yes, they are more expensive — but you can’t beat the craftsmanship. They wear forever.

I also saw some knee-length and over the knee boots. Besides the bootie craze, I do think these tall boots are coming back into style. If you’re wearing them with dresses, be sure and get at least a chunky heel. I would opt for black. You just can’t go wrong. I saw some really neat styles at the Clarks store — styles I didn’t see at home. This store had some really well made high boots that would flatter most women. Heels always give you height, so buy the tallest you can tolerate.

Online, Anthropology and even Boden have some interesting boots of all heights and fabrics.

Keep it sassy, Indy!

Beth Divine, Indianapolis Personal Stylist