Accessories are the Icing on the Cake

Hello Indianapolis Fashionistas,

I don’t talk about them often, but I do love them: Accessories. They can take a plain, humdrum sweater, dress, etc, and make it fabulous. In this blog, I am going to look at some pretty and versatile pieces that are out there now.

Accessories Do’s and Don’ts From Your Indianapolis Personal Stylist

For starters, just as a reminder, if you are a career woman and in a workplace that follows a more formal business dress code, remember to keep the fun, colorful, etc., jewelry at home in your jewelry box. For this setting, wear your pearl or diamond studs, your fine gold chains or pretty stones such as Ruby or Emerald. At times, you can wear your “Bridge jewelry” which is a step down from fine jewelry but not the same as casual jewelry such as dangling turquoise or large silver hoop earrings. Keep it simple at work. This is always the best philosophy.

A business casual setting or casual work dress code would allow more casual jewelry but never super casual pieces such as feather earrings and other fun pieces.

Anyway, let’s continue on with the pretty things. I do like some of Stella and Dot’s necklaces that can be worn several ways. It’s like buying one necklace and having three! Who doesn’t love having more options. This is one of my favorite pieces here…Some of these necklaces actually have 5 different ways to wear them. Isn’t that cool? I am intrigued with the Terny 5 in 1 necklace.

In my style classes, my teacher really talked up Alexis Bittar. I have to agree. I especially like her delicate chokers and longer necklaces, view them here.

I also like more delicate jewelry such as these hoops, especially the double hoops. Check out these from Nordstrom.

For fine jewelry and bridge jewelry, I like Blue Nile and really just your local jewelry store. I find that small stores are more willing to discuss price than the bigger chains. I recently replaced some diamond studs and went into a neighborhood jewelry store and looked at some earrings during a sale but did not buy at that time. I went in again; the sale was over, but the sales associate remembered me and still gave me a nice deal. Here’s Blue Nile’s info.

I also like Rocks Box. Every month they send you a box of jewelry. You can wear it and return it, or keep some and return what’s left. I really like what they send me. They often send me Kendra Scott. I really like her pieces. We also have a store at our local mall, so if I want to see something in person, I can.

I also like Nickel and Suede earrings. They’re leather and really interesting and come in several colors and a couple of designs. I also like their cuffs. Inexpensive, they’d make a cute statement gift for your friend who loves “different’ earrings or just leather in general. I wear my leather cuffs all the time — sometimes when I’m dressed up to give my outfit a less “girly” feel. Check them out at here.

Keep it sassy!

Beth Divine, Indianapolis Personal Stylist