What to Wear to Easter!

Here in Indiana, when Easter comes you never know what you’re going to get, I sound like a Forest Gump saying: “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.” Well, it’s true. Sometimes Easter is in March, and that means relatively winter-like weather, and sometimes, it’s a bit later, and then the sun comes out; it’s pleasant and spring-like. As a Carmel Personal Stylist, I’m always thinking about the next holiday gathering coming up to make sure I have an outfit ready to go.

Carmel Personal Stylist Spring Fashion Choices Perfect For Easter

So how do you even think about dressing in spring-time, let alone spring’s holiday, Easter?  That’s easy: Lighten up! What I mean is to start embracing different textures and fabrics in spring. Here are some ideas to get you started and what I plan to wear for Easter:

Carmel Personal Stylist recommends lightening up your spring time wardrobe with light colors and light fabricsLight Layers in Light Colors

Start to “lighten” up your looks. One way is to choose lighter-weight fabrics such as cotton, linen, cotton knits, very lightweight cools. If your climate is like Indiana, there will still be some cold days. The best way to dress, as you have heard before, is layering. I have a more casual wardrobe these days since I don’t work in a corporate office anymore. This jacket that I just purchased from Macy’s because I loved the bright color (gold – great for a Spring color type as I am), and I liked the light cotton fabric. The shape is great for me because it defines the waist. You can wear this jacket in many ways: with jeans, cotton pants, athleisure outfits, cotton dresses, and even casual jumpsuits.

Look in your closet for existing coats: Brighter colors, lighter fabrics that look like spring. These spring coats have a much longer shelf life than just Easter. Light-colored sweaters in lighter fabrics are a great all-weather option for whatever weather Spring decides to be. In Indiana, you can wear a lightweight cashmere sweater quite a bit!

As a Carmel Personal Stylist, I love blazers are a great all-weather spring-time choice! A dark blazer like this one from Boden would look great over a light-colored blouse. The gold touches add some more warmth than a solid navy jacket would.

Spring Dresses

For a more dressed-up lady-like dress you can wear to church or even a wedding, ladies, look at this beauty in nude pink from Dillards. For a more casual option, try this one, this blue dress also from Dillards is gorgeous and won’t disappoint for plus size. Floral patterns are definitely a great way to show off bright spring colors.

Spring Coats For Men

Wear a suit as separates for a more casual spring lookGuys, as we start to put the winter coats away, you, too, should reach for some lighter layers. I love a Bomber jacket for those who are slimmer in the middle, or a trim denim jacket, like this one from Nordstrom. Wear these jackets with T-shirts, jeans of many colors such as rust, olive, nude pink, white, or navy.

Layering isn’t just for women. Guys, while we think suits are Dinosaurs, they can still be an extremely flattering look for you, guys. I am suggesting a more casual alternative. What about a matching jacket and pants? This casual suit from Macy’s can be one piece or wear parts separately. This suit from Macy’s can be worn without a tie. Opt instead for a knit polo, T-shirt, or just an open-neck white shirt. Very stylish.

Spring Shoes & Accessories

Other ways to lighten up: Put away the suede winterish boots, shoes, and heavy sneakers, and replace them with lighter colors and fabrics such as light-colored sneakers, sandals, colorful flats, lighter color leathers, etc.

Make your accessories lighter too! Look for bright color bags and bags that come in lighter, more summery fabrics. And yes, you can wear white shoes and carry white purses before May!

Keep it sassy, folks. Enjoy Spring!

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC & Carmel Personal Stylist