What to Buy Now…

Hello Fashionistas,

I didn’t write a blog last week because I was busying preparing and taking my Association of Image Consultants exam for certification. I have always been a general member of the association since I started the styling business two years ago, but recently I felt the need to sharpen and increase my skill set, and I thought certification in this great organization would be the way to do it.

What does the certification involve, you may ask? It shows that you possess a general knowledge of fashion styling and dressing clients as well as color analysis and theory, business etiquette, nonverbal communication, men’s styling and general design knowledge. It is quite a body of knowledge, and I must admit I read and studied several books over the summer and didn’t pursue as much business as usual.

I learned some important things from those various books …such as — how often my nonverbal communication does not appear confident. Yes, I am the master at crossing my legs and folding my arms in from of me. That says — I am not “open.”

I also got a review of general manners and etiquette, and believe it or not, the most important thing I learned was in relationships — if you are not asked for your opinion, don’t give it. What? Yes, it’s true. Also you shouldn’t offer your business card as the very first thing you do when you talk to people in a networking situation. Guilty — I always did this wrong.

Anyway, the next part of the certification process as an image consultant is to collect client evaluations and send in proof of training. That’s the last leg to officially being certified by this great organization.

This blog, however, does have some general tips about what to buy now to add to your closet–onward!

There are many sales out there right now on summer, even spring, clothes. I suggest you stock on basics such as good quality white T-shirts. We are always need them, right?

Another great item to look for is a summer/spring blazer in a color you like such as creamy white, pale blue linen or navy cotton. These are closet work horses that you will always need. I was pleased to find a beautiful white blazer that was cut perfectly for me on the sale rack at Nordstrom. I will wear it now with some pastels and warm fall colors such as peach and rust, with jeans or of course with a lacy white T and my olive soft pants and taupe wedges.

Look at twists on trends that will probably stick around through the fall — such as embroidered jeans and jackets. They are still quite popular, and if you find a summer version that is not too light, you can wear it in the fall and winter. The key is to pair it with some rich fall colors such as red, brown, olive, burgundy, navy, rust or even cream.

Another trend that is fast becoming a staple is leopard. If you see a leopard T or silky cami.., buy it! Wear it now and later in the fall, and layer it under your moody fall colors such as black, camel, navy and burgundy.

Whites jeans are on sale now. It’s a great time to buy an extra pair. Sport them year round if you pair them with more wintery staples such as a chunky sweater or boots. I wear my white jeans all the time, especially paired with a soft, cashmere or Merino wool sweater.

Jeans, The Loft; white blazer, Nordstrom; jeans, Macy’s INC

Enjoy, and keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, Personal Stylist