Details Make the Difference in Your Wardrobe

Hello Indianapolis Fashionistas,

Happy August. It’s been beautiful here in Indianapolis and I love summer…Oh well. Are you buy back to school for your children, pick up an item or two for yourself. So many things on sale, I am sure you can find something cute you will love.

Favorite Finds by Your Indianapolis Personal Stylist

One of my favorite finds recently is a belted blouse by Ann Taylor. At first, I thought what a perfect top for that tweed blazer or that khaki blazer with navy trim. Well, decided to consign the navy tweed blazer. I can’t seem to ever wear it. Not sure why–think it’s the fit of it since it stops at a really awkward place near my hips. Lesson learned: if you try and try to make a piece of clothing work, and it doesn’t, go ahead and consign it so someone else can enjoy it! LOL. Anyway, belted top is a perfect piece for us bigger on the bottom girls since it highlights my small waist! It looks great alone and also under that Khaki jacket with jeans or white pants. (Blouses here by Banana Republic. Tunic tops and shorts outfits by Lucky Jeans. White pants by Loft. White dress and belt by Venus.)

Case in point…this blog is about fit. I know so many of you buy online. Yes admit it. I do as well. What often happens, however, is once I get it, the piece doesn’t fit or isn’t what I thought it was going to be. Dilemma: return or make it work. If you like the clothing and want to make it work, consider this: Getting it altered to fit (no, it’s not expensive as you would think, or if it’s a too big top or a dress, add a belt — especially with Bohemian tops.

Another dilemma: jeans that are too tight. I was driving through my small town last week and sitting at light, I saw a pretty blonde walking across the street in white jeans and a Boho top. The ensemble was very cute — but the jeans were so tight they showed everything. The top did not cover this area. So, I would avoid this at all costs. I think my style teacher had a great suggestion in one of her videos — with white jeans, go a size up. You don’t want them to be too tight. They show everything!!

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the same day, further down the street, I saw a really pretty outfit. A woman was wearing a pair of loose fitting, linen shorts, not too long, with a very sheer, small floral tunic and some leather sandals.  This was such a pretty outfit for a summer day. It actually showed more skin, yet the fit was relaxed, and it looked beautiful on this lady. One item I would have added is a cute Panama or Fedora straw hat and color clutch.

Enjoy your summer…

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, Indianapolis Personal Stylist