What to Buy Now from Your Image Consultant

This is the time of year I like to talk about bargains and what to buy at this between time as winter loosens its grip and spring seems as though it’s actually coming! As your Image Consultant, it’s important I talk about the in between phases. I heard some birds chirping the other morning. It lightened the image I see and outlook considerably. And, it’s staying light just a little bit longer at night, and the sun does seem to shine a little more now.

So What Now?

Image ConsultantIn late February and early March, I am evaluating my closet and shoe wardrobes. As any consultant would do. I encourage you to do the same. (Of course, your Indianapolis Image Consultant is available to help you do that…and to create a shopping list of needed items!) Anyway, this “in between season” I am really tired of my winter boots. I have already consigned some boots that seemed like a good idea last fall, but I have learned they don’t fit that well or just not that comfortable or just don’t pair well with my image. I like to consign them so I don’t feel too guilty getting rid of a new item. I also took some personal photos in these boots, along with a flouncy fall dress, and to my dismay they just looked clunky with at dress. I was not happy with that image at all. That’s the thing about boots: they are not all created equal. You really have to watch booties and where they fall on your leg. Sometimes, I hate to say it, they can make you look dumpy. Be aware, my fashionistas.

So…I am looking for boots that I know I like such as Kate Spade boots that are in a good color and on sale. I founds some amazing booties from Dillards online by Kate Spade in a right burgundy. I love this color since it is such a versatile neutral– I wear burgundy with virtually every color from camel (one of my best neutrals), to navy, black, teal, cream, brown…the list goes on.

Image Consultant Advice for Gentlemen…

Guys, this is a good time to buy a name-brand winter coat, blazer or jacket. Is your winter coat looking worn and a little sad? It’s a good time to look as places such as J.Crew, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Saks for a coat like the examples below:

Find a label that’s great quality and a good price. Pick a timeless classic in image and it will be in style for years to come. Stay away from a trendy print or an unusual color–next year’s this fast fashion will be out. I recommend colors such as camel, navy, grey or black. While you’re shopping, pick up a cashmere scarf.

Image ConsultantImage Consultant Advice Ladies…

Ladies, some other good basics are pants and blazers as well as wool or cashmere scarfs. Trust me as your consultant and pick one up next time you are out! Grab them in neutral colors that go with what you already have: cream, camel, red, navy, black, grey etc. If you do not know your best neutrals, schedule a color consult with me, your Image Consultant. This is the key to putting outfits together and creating a fabulous image. Once my clients learn this important information, they put together outfits so easily!


Purses can also be on sale this time of year. I love a red purse — year-round– as much as I love a pale pink or cream purse. They add an extra punch to any outfit.

If you are sick of your winter wardrobe, now is a good time to buy items with a pop of color: Maybe it’s red pants or a red pencil skirt; a bright pink purse or green or yellow shoes. What a better way to celebrate spring!


Keep it sassy, Indy!



Beth Divine | Indianapolis’ Only Image Consultant