Personal Styling versus Home Decor Styling

Every year if I can, I try to attend the Indianapolis Home Show. You probably have a similar event in your city. This huge event showcases area vendors who provide some type of service or product for your home or backyard. It even gives inspiration on styling your home. I love to visit a home show because Personal Styling and home styling can be very similar. Inspiration can come from everywhere.

There is always a full-size centerpiece home in the show, too, and many beautiful gardens and patio displays with real plants. The styling to these homes are always unreal. It always amazes me that this home is actual size and built just a couple of days before the show.

Home Show 2019

This year’s home was built by Davis, a prairie-style home modeled after the Arts & craft Movement (1880-1920). Of course, the size of this home is certainly much bigger than these original personal homes of that era!

While I know my home is often totally different than this model home, I like to file away what I’ve seen for any updates that I might be thinking about doing in my personal home styling accessories or paint colors. This year’s home had many more color and texture elements than last year’s home that was mostly taupe, grey, black and cream. Although it had a beautiful dusty lavender girl’s bedroom with a sparkle ceiling that I incorporated into our personal bathroom remodel last year. The styling of the lavender bedroom was a true inspiration.

How Personal Styling Translate to Home Styling

It was interesting what colors the designers combined; colors you could certainly use as neutrals in your own personal wardrobe: dark teal; olive green; navy; a medium, dusty blue; black, grey taupe. The wood was warm in a birch. That was a big departure from the white and grey looks I have been seeing. I think the combination of olive green, teal and navy was my favorite. It was so rich and regal looking. I also liked the way the designer used texture instead of prints for home décor…One room just had a collage of wood on the wall in different sizes. Here are a couple of photos of some of the rooms:

So…back to my original question. Does our Personal Styling often reflect our home or living styling? I have been asked this question. I didn’t have a ready answer before, but I do think our favorite colors and wardrobe style influences what we choose to put in our personal homes.

Personal Example

For instance, my personal color season is spring. I love, love very bright colors and they look good on : coral, orange, red, lime green, electric blue and teal. Not surprisingly, I have these colors in my home, especially yellow. When we purchased into our current home, many rooms were painted several shades of brown with white trim. It was not my personal favorite. We decided to change a few rooms to a cheery yellow and recovering my couches with lime green immediately made me feel at home. That is, it was in harmony with my personal style.

However, I also like a rich neutral. When I have a bold print or plaid, I find hard to coordinate with (notice I did not way match), I like styling with a rich cream or beige. I can wear those warm neutrals and they are an easy way to complete an outfit.

Look at the photo of the many different colors people paint their doors, also at the Home Show.

My bedroom is painted a rich cream, and the rest of the house is printed a grey-taupe. I really like the versatility and the way I can add pop-of-color accessories in bright blue, lime green, fuchsia and orange.

It is a good marriage for my internal and external selves. Does your home styling reflect your personal styling? I would say it does—even if it’s a little bit.

Keep it Sassy, Indy!



Beth Divine
AICI Certified Image Consultant and Personal Styling for Indianapolis