What is Your Style, and How Important is it?

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As a personal stylist and Image Consultant, many clients ask me: “what is my style?” I don’t think I know it. They often appear confused and sad they don’t know this supposedly important key to their life. I think this attitude often appears because of the vast amount of press and blogs by stylists who talk about this subject.

Is it important to know your style? Yes, of course, it is. Is it the only, most important factor to know in helping clients create a wardrobe that works for them and their lifestyle? I would say “no.”

Let’s define what “style” means. Style is what clothing and looks you prefer as a person. It goes beyond just clothing but it can also touche on lifestyle and grooming. It is “fun” to know your style and then how to make it work in the life you lead. In this blog, I will define the most common styles for women. And if you’re still unsure which style you fit into, we got a little quiz to help as well!

Most Popular Styles For Women

Image Consultant: Classic Style


Individuals that like a classic style tend to lean towards a more tailored look. Clothing that would last for years and look professional. Classic is neutral and not attention-getting. A person who favors a class style can spice it up a little with a more fashion-forward top such as a halter or asymmetrical neckline. Most of the time, they like straight lines with prints that are not too out of the ordinary. Someone in this group might be hesitant to try a trendy new look, or an unusual color or print. I am also going to put those who love Menswear into this category.



Image Consultant: Dramatic Style


This group of women love experimenting with color, shapes, and fits. They would not hesitate to try something out of the ordinary. Their main goal is to stand out in a dramatic and colorful way. These Image Consultant clients might like to take a classic look and add some unusual or vintage accessories or shoes to add color. In this group, you’ll commonly find attention-getting makeup as well. Such as red lipstick, deep black eyeliner, and a smoky eye. The common dramatic style also embraces hair that’s different and unusual. Sometimes even in fun colors like hot pink or blue.



Image Consultant: Sporty Style


These women find themselves embracing a more natural look with little makeup and simple accessories, then you probably fall into this category. They tend to like easy and natural products to fit their fast-paced lifestyle. Their hair is often worn in a ponytail or cut short enough, so it requires little maintenance. Athleisure or T’s and jeans are these clients’ daily uniforms, most of them rock leggings when they’re not out and about.




Image Consultant: Edgy Style


Sometimes we might be edgy on occasion, but for those that are always edgy black leather jackets, mini-skirts, and bra tops, are the usual closet go-to’s. Tattoos may peek out from under sleeves and they might embrace some daring makeup, which tends to be playful and colorful.  As an Image Consultant, meeting with edgy clients, I tend to notice a lot of black fabrics like leather, metallics, and lace.  Accessories may incorporate metal or fabrics in different ways too. Hair is usually unique or shaved. If you don’t think you could shave your head, just try shaving the sides for a versatile do.  I also put sexy in this category. These clients tend to dress on the sexy side.


Image Consultant: Romantic StyleRomantic:

This would be the lady who can’t get enough floral pieces. She loves curled hair; soft, pink, and rose-hued makeup and purses that are feminine and soft. She loves ruffles and pearls, soft colors, and also dainty prints. They might have vintage accessories and especially love pieces that have lace. They tend to embrace feminine colors and unusual textures.



Take The Style Quiz

See any of yourself in these groups? Believe it or not, we can fit into a couple of different groups, although most have a dominant and a secondary group. Take this style quiz to help your Image Consultant pinpoint some good looks for you. Let us know where you fall, you might be surprised by the results!

What is Your Dream Date?

A – eating at a scenic French restaurant

B – taking a scenic hike

C – dinner and a movie

D – attending a concert

E – going to a popular art gallery

Where Is Your Dream Vacation Destination?

A – Paris

B – Hiking in the Tetons

C – Nantucket

D – New York or London

E – Spain

How Would Your Friends Describe You?

A – a dreamer

B – go-with-the-flow

C – traditional

D – edgy

E – outgoing

When You Walk Into a Room, Which Would You Prefer?

A – to appear flirtatious

B – to blend in

C – to be in control

D – to make a statement

E – to be animated

What Jewelry Do You Wear The Most?

A – Floral earrings

B – Jewelry? Hardly wear it.

C – Pearls

D – Diamonds or something sparkly

E – Something no one else has!

Which Purse Do You See Yourself Carrying?

A – Kate Spade pink bag

B – Something small and practical or no purse

C – Hermes

D – Red floral bag

E – Vintage purse that stands out

How Do You Feel About Accessories?

A – I prefer dainty pieces

B – I never wear any

C – I only wear pieces that mean something to me

D – I think they add a lot to an outfit

E – I love accessories, the more the merrier

What is your Ideal Shoe Style?

A – kitten heels

B – sneakers

C – ballet flat

D – combat boots

E – studded stilettos

Which Store Would You Most Likely Shop At?

A – Free People

B – Lululemon

C – J-crew

D – Urban Outfitters

E – Zara

Who Is Your Favorite Designer?

A – Chanel

B – Off-White

C – Ralph Lauren

D – Saint Laurent

E – Moschino

Who is Your Style Icon?

A – Grace Kelly

B – Ellen DeGeneres

C – Rosie Huntington Whitely

D – Rihanna

E – Kim Kardashian

hair is an important factor when choosing your styleWhich Best Describes your Hairstyle?

A – Layers and soft curls

B – Cropped and easy

C – Classic bob

D – Trendy cut in a fun color

E – Fun, eye-catching – I might shave my head

Which Best Describes Your Makeup?

A – soft, pink and pretty

B – Don’t wear it

C – Understated and covered

D – You name it: Rind stones, black lipstick – whatever gets attention

E – False eyelashes and red lipstick (sometimes all at once)

Which is Your Favorite Kind of T-shirt?

A – loose with ruffles

B – v neck

C – plain white tee

D – graphic tee

E – colorful and printed

Which Color Palette is Your Favorite?

A – pinks, creams, pastels

B – earth tones

C – neutrals

D – black

E – every color in the rainbow



Your Image Consultant Style Quiz Results:Once you know your style, you'll dress with confidence

If you got mostly A’s, you’re romantic.

If you got mostly B’s, you’re sporty/natural.

If you got mostly C’s, you’re classic.

If you got mostly D’s, you’re edgy.

If you got mostly E’s, you’re dramatic.


Want to learn how to make the most out of your new-found style? Contact me and set up and appointment to create a personalized look for your wardrobe!

Keep it sassy, Indy!

Beth Divine, MA

AICI Certified Image Consultant