Avoiding the Little Pitfalls that Diminish Your Look!

This blog is one of those blogs that sheds light on the little things we see every day or that impact how we look. Take it from your Personal Stylist, these corrections don’t cost a lot to fix. You’ll have to take time and attention to fix them, but in the end, your overall look will improve. I’ll be sure to share tips for both men and women.

Simple Fashion Fixes That Make A Big Difference

Pencil Skirts that are too tight can create an unflattering lookTip 1: Avoid Clothing That Is Too Tight

Sometimes we think tight clothing is sexy or attention-getting. While it may not be sexy; it certainly is attracting attention. For guys: if your pants are so tight they show all of your “plumbing,” (and you know what I mean) they are too tight.

Even if your clothing is just a little tight, that might be too much. Ladies, if you can see the outline of your stomach, thighs, or breast outlines, your outfit is too tight. You find this commonly in tight dresses. If you wear pencil skirts, stand to the side. If you can see the complete curve of your behind, then the skirt is too tight. Watch white pants as well. If they show too much butt, it’s not a good look. Neither are pants that are so tight they show your cheeks.

Tip 2: Make Sure Everything Fits Just Right

Just as tight clothes can be unflattering, the same goes for clothes that are too large. When clothing just hangs on you, guess what: you look larger. It might give the impression that you don’t care how you look. If you are actively losing weight, invest in some new clothes, or get old ones tailored. But show off your progress in a flattering way.

Personal Stylist Tip: Don't wear clothes with wrinkles. Iron or steam them firstTip 3: Wrinkles are Never Flattering

Guys, if your T-shirt or shirt is very wrinkled, grab another shirt. I recommend investing in a steamer, or after a hot shower, hanging your clothes in the shower while you shave will help smooth out wrinkles. If you want to avoid wrinkles altogether, buy wrinkle-free shirts. When throwing shirts in the dryer, take them out when they are damp and hang them. Drying on the hanger will ensure they will be smooth the next time you wear them.

I tend to avoid all wrinkled items in my closet. If you don’t have time to press a shirt before you leave, then consider a different shirt. Personally, I just don’t like to iron or steam, but if I had to choose one, I would pick steaming. A high-quality steamer is an excellent investment.


Tip 4: Cleaning Rituals

Get into a cleaning routine. As a Personal Stylist, I highly recommend all my clients, male and female, to wash their face every night. Buy a cleanser that is formulated for your skin. Men, If your skin is dry, moisturize it!

Washing your face regularly will help your complexion and reduce irritationWomen, at a certain age you’ll need to make some changes as your skin ages. Buy a heavy-duty moisturizer, and start an anti-aging skincare routine. I like the department store and prescription products because they have more active ingredients than even the best drug-store products. Don’t forget protection! Put on some sort of sun protection of at least 15 SPF on your face every day.

Tip 5: Keep Your Face Moisturized

No one should have dry skin flakes on their face! Everyone needs to exfoliate or use a gentle scrub at least 2 times a week. Keep it in the shower. There are so many good products out there. As a Personal Stylist, I recommend trying Clinique’s 7-day Scrub and Glow’s pumpkin scrub. You will see the difference, and the rest of us won’t have to. Splurging on more expensive cleansers and moisturizing products will make a big difference!

What Mistakes Are You Making?

As a Personal Stylist, I can help you with these tips and more. I personally shop for clients and learn very quickly what shapes work for them, and routinely score items that make clients look amazing. For more information, text me at 317-416-2782. Online and real-time packages are available.

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA, AICI Certified Image Consultant & Personal Stylist