What is an Ectomorph and His Unique Challenges?

As an Indiana Wardrobe Stylist, I am discussing ectomorphs today. The last blog covered the mesomorph.

Indiana Wardrobe Stylist Suggestions for the Ectomorph Body Style

Actor Jude Law is an example of an ectomorph. This build usually has a thin face with a high forehead and receding chin, narrow chest, and abdomen; rather long, thin arms; little body weight or muscle. As you can imagine, this build has fewer issues buying clothing that fits. Although the ectomorph will often try to look more muscular and find clothing that makes him look bigger and bulkier. There are certain tricks and tips to use if you are an ectomorph trying to improve your image and style.

How to Dress the Ectomorph:

  • One rule really applies to virtually everyone, including those who are bigger. Wearing clothing that fits, and in the ectomorph’s case, that is more snug is more flattering than clothing that is baggy.
  • Indiana Wardrobe Stylist suggestions for clothing for an ectomorphThat is why it’s important to wear structured clothing; avoid loose, draping garments because they lack structure. When you’re thinner, you add curves and bulk to clothes with details. Another example for the really thin woman, she adds ruffles, details, textures, etc., to add curves and weight.
  • The ectomorph should avoid extremely flared pants or wide legs. They will look strange on your more svelte build. It’s great to be thinner, so celebrate it! You can rock straight- and slim-leg pants; skinny jeans are only for some men. If your legs are extremely thin, you will want to avoid skinny jeans because they won’t flatter you. If your legs are only moderately slim, skinny jeans are okay.
  • As I mentioned above, the thinner build can add bulk and details. So layering is a great option for this build: blazer, hoodie, vest, leather jacket; layer them on top of each other. Your winter dress coat should have substantial shoulder pads and can even be double-breasted if you like that style since you have a slim middle. Just make sure it fits perfectly or it will look strange. Puffers are for you. Caution: Don’t buy layers that are so big they overpower you. Moderation is key, always!
  • To look larger and more muscular on the top, embrace lighter colors such as light dress shirts with a fitted jacket that is lighter during the summer months. This build can really look great in a pastel suit, khaki suit, or even a seersucker suit because they are not bulky. The lighter colors on top in fitted clothes will create a more strong and muscular look. Shoulder pads are flattering to you and will round out a narrow shoulder.
  • Avoid a dark shirt/T and a dark jacket together because it is so slimming. Instead, look for prints, lighter colors, etc., when the season dictates it.
  • Longer jackets and coats help create a balanced shape since you may be short-waisted with longer legs. This is easy to do with coats that fit at the mid-thigh and blazers/suits that hit past your hips which is the traditional style. Even though you are thin, avoid the trend of a shorter suit jacket and straight, skinny pants that hit at the ankle.
  • Narrow legs go well with this build.

If you need help dressing your build from an Indiana Wardrobe Stylist, please reach out to me for a style apt or a discovery call.

Keep is sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC
Indiana Wardrobe Stylist