Yes, You Can! Wear White Jeans Now and in the Winter

We have all heard the fashion rules that have been around forever–match your purse and shoes; don’t wear plaid with polka dots, and after Labor Day–don’t wear white. All of these rules are antiquated, but it’s especially true with the wearing white rule. Now, in some ways — it’s true. You wouldn’t wear a sheer all white outfit in the fall–as the weather changes it’s just not practical.

Today is the first day of fall, and I wanted to give you some ideas how to wear white this season, and even into winter. The key to it is to pair smoky and rich colors with your white. This is especially true with white jeans and white jeans skirts. I love white jeans — even though I am a pear shape, I do wear them–I just have to be really careful what tops I wear with them. By the way, white jeans are for men, too, and many of the principles apply for them, too. So, men, please stay tuned as well!

With white bottoms, in the fall, the best way to continue wearing them throughout the season and beyond is to pick more fall-like colors to pair with them. For instance, I bought a brown suede jacket that I plan to wear with white jeans and taupe boots this fall. My top might be a light rust, navy or even cream. It all works.

Sweaters that look great with white jeans are grey, navy, light green, light teal, camel, red, etc. I don’t want to pick the darkest color available because sometimes that just looks off — but slightly deeper shades. Always keep similar color saturations together — light with mid-light; dark with darker, etc.

Always a blue jean jacket or shirt, as well as a olive military jacket, really looks great with white pants. I also like bright colors such as fuchsia, royal blue, yellow and jade green with white pants.

Stay away from black shoes, boots and flats with white pants unless is a print that has at least half white. Metallics look great with white too — silver, gold and rose gold. It’s really cute in a shoe as well.

If you like to wear all white, try a white T-shirt, white jeans and a jacket such as olive, navy, red or grey. It looks great.

In the winter months, you can still continue to wear your white pants — just think cozy sweaters or layers such as a grey duster. Another really pretty color to wear in the winter is a moss green as well as marled or small prints with white. Also blue/white stripes and other stripes with white work as well as plaid shirts that have a good deal of white in the print. So many options for you are out there!

I especially like taupe or medium brown boots with white pants. I don’t like burgundy or black boots with white jeans, however, since I think it is a very heavy look. Don’t forget your accessories: add some pops of color, a bright color belt, or some BoHo cowboy boots or rustic jewelry.

Even though it’s popular, I would stay clear of wearing white jeans and a solid black top. (Even though White House/Black Market has built their brand on this, this color combination is very hard to wear.) Now a black print with many colors in it such as a moody floral with some white could work.


Here’s some ideas:


Keep it sassy, Indy!


Beth Divine, Personal Stylist