Style and Makeup Tips and Tricks…

Hello Indianapolis Fashionistas,

Fall is a good time to clean out your closet. It’s interesting that many Indianapolis clients say they have trouble putting outfits together for fall and winter — not so much in spring and summer. Perhaps it’s just easier to dress for warmer temps. Anyway, I believe the reasons styling for this season is so difficult are not having enough layering options and lacking basics in many colors.

Layering Tips From Your Indianapolis Personal Stylist 

Layering is key–not only to brave the elements as temps drop–it’s also an easy, chic way to update your look. For instance, this season has many layering options. The Kimono is still in — pick a sheer floral or other print, or a hefty more winter version. The bomber jacket is still around — find the one that works for you. I replaced my olive green on with a stain floral that I love. It really dresses up jeans, T-shirt dresses and blouses. Add a quilted vest, a denim jacket or an olive anorak. Be sure your puffy vest is not too bulky. We don’t want to add volume.

Don’t ignore the blazer: Add a fun one in red, cream, black or navy or a print. Try a comfortable fabric like Ponte if you find blazers constrictive. A warm, good quality cardigan sweater can spruce up your basics — the duster is still around, which is the longer version. Be sure and spend as much as you can on this basic since you’ll wear it often, and higher quality sweaters will wear longer.

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Don’t forget your boots. Look at your shoe wardrobe, and if anything looks worn or something you don’t wear anymore, take it to consignment. Your old clothes may be someone else’s treasure. For this season, consider a shoe or boot with embellishment, in a satin or brocade fabric, with a pom-pom or in an unusual color or fabric such as white or velvet boots.

Try some different pants instead of your usual jeans. I find most of my clients usually have enough jeans but might lack a novelty pair of pants. I put myself into this group. Last spring, I bought some navy and black cargo pants. I love them. I couldn’t believe how much I wore them–just because they were different.

Indianapolis Personal Stylist Makeup Tips

As the season changes, consider a makeover — with your makeup! I often see photos of women who are still tan on their arms and neck, yet their faces are much lighter. The best way to address this is to continue wearing bronzer in the fall into winter. Then your face will match your arms. A warm glow looks great, too.

It’s never too early in the season to take care of your lips and skin. I put on lip balm every night, and recently started putting on a balm in the morning so it soaks in before I apply my lip pencil or gloss. This makes a difference.

If you don’t have a skin regimen, now’s the time to get a department store consult. Most of the time these are free if you buy something. Look at cleanser, day and nigh moisturizers, eye cream and an exfoliator.

Keep it sassy, Indy!

Beth Divine, Indianapolis Personal Stylist