How to Stay Cool When It’s Hot as August

In many places, around the world, fall is one of our favorite seasons. In Indiana, the color of the trees is beautiful; there is a coolness in the air, and Pumpkin Spice lattes lure us inside a cozy coffee shop or kitchen nook. Just as often, however, we have a surprisingly warm day, even though it’s cool in the morning. I have always found these days hard to plan for, let alone feel put together in my outfits.

The rest of my blog discusses this dilemma: how to look cool, comfortable in hot weather in the fall? It’s a reprint from my colleague, Edwards Buice, owner of a couture men’s clothing collection. Edwards is based in Chicago, Illinois, and a member of our Association of Image Consultants International Chicago Midwest Chapter, Check out his clothing line here.

Tips to Follow As you Get Ready For A Warm Fall Day From An Indianapolis Styling Consultant

Indianapolis Styling Consultant has tips for looking cool in hot stylesNothing puts a damper on getting dressed in the morning more than stepping outside and having your outfit (and hair!) adversely affected by the sweltering weather. In the midst of changing seasons, and changing times, let’s turn up the heat on our fashion game and dress appropriately for the season while still bringing style to everything we do.

Cotton, Linen, and Silk

Professional attire is often made with heavy fabrics unsuited for warm weather, so when the temperature rises and humidity strikes, strike back with natural fiber fabrics. The top three choices for hot and humid weather include cotton, linen, and silk. As an Indianapolis Styling Consultant, I recommend these materials because they work best to absorb sweat and allow the skin to breathe. Another advantage of these materials is that they are usually lightweight, flowing, comfortable and they absorb moisture rather than repelling it, making a little bit of perspiration more bearable.

The Fit

Along with this thought, the fit of your clothing in hot weather is also important. Avoid tight or extremely form-fitting clothing and opt instead for loose or billowy styles if you can.

Color Matters

Get playful and have fun with color and accessories. White and other light colors can help keep you cool by reflecting light and heat. Also, stick to white items in linen and cotton if you don’t want to risk flaunting those dreaded underarm sweat rings.


Women's Stylist shares her women's style quizDitch the sleeves if you can and dress in lighter layers. For men and women, shake things up and try capris, culottes, skirts, shorts, or sandals when appropriate. Opt for short sleeves or roll your long sleeves to 3/4 length or higher and explore button-up shirts made in lighter fabrics.

Again, as an Indianapolis Styling Consultant, I can’t recommend David Edwards Clothier enough. He has a variety of limited edition men’s clothing from international designers such as Jaime Hemsani and Edo Popken to inject new life into your days.  Breathable fabrics will meet all of your late summer seasonal needs. During these final days of heat and sunshine, hoping everyone is staying cool, safe, and healthy!

Blog reprinted with the permission of creative contributor and independent consultant Kelly Vrajitoru who enjoys helping brands and entrepreneurs communicate effectively across diverse platforms. For more information, go to her LinkedIn for a professional consultation.

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Keep it sassy, Indy!

Beth Divine, MA, AICI Certified Image Consultant & Indianapolis Styling Consultant