Anti-aging Tips, Part 2 for Men and Women

As an Indianapolis Wardrobe Stylist, I thought I’d devote another blog to looking younger! These tips go above and beyond what’s in your closet, but you’ll find you’ll look and feel younger overall. These tips are especially great for the Summer.

Look Younger with these Summer Fashion Tips From Your Indianapolis Wardrobe Stylist

Watch Your Posture

Indianapolis wardrobe stylist shares anti aging tips for the summer

Make sure you stand up straight as your mother told you, It’s really true. This goes for both men and women.  The story goes Tim Gunn, ex-host of Project Runway, was on the NYC subway one day, and a man asked him: Tim, want can I do to improve my look and style. Tim said,  “Improve your posture. Stand up straight, and keep your head up.” This tip is for everyone.

Fun in The Sun

Watch the over-spray tanned, I have a pool look. Don’t get in the trap of “I have to look tan, all the time.” We all love a tan, and we know it makes us look healthy, worldly, and fun. But don’t get the orange fake tan as one of our leaders routinely sports, along with the goggle tan lines. If you’re retired, it is not a license to sit in the sun all day and tan, burn, tan. The sun ages your skin. Sit in the shade sometimes. When you lose your tan, use some self-tanning products. There are many good ones out there now. If you are out in the sun a lot, wear a hat.  It keeps the sun off your face and will preserve your skin. Invest in some fashionable and functional sunglasses! This is a fun, inexpensive accessory to up your style game. Try different styles and colors.

Take It Easy on The Makeup

Indianapolis Wardrobe Stylists makes sure that skincare is part of a regular regimenAvoid makeup such as eye shadow, bronzer, and lip gloss with too much shine. It ages you since it settles and emphasizes lines. If you’ve read any of my other Indianapolis Wardobe Stylist blogs, you know I preach about implementing a skincare routine, if you haven’t already. Use it religiously. It can be expensive, but if you stop using it, you will notice the difference. If you need advice on skincare,  rush to a cosmetologist to get advice or your nearest department store. The higher-end products from Clarins, la Mer, and Lancome may be pricey, but they’re worth the money. Check out Bobbie Brown, Aveda, Clinique and Kiehls for more moderate prices. At the drug store, there is Nivea, Olay, and Aveeno are great brands for bargain hunters. Don’t forget to add Vitamin C into your routine, and wear it during the day so it interacts with the sun.

Summer Style Tips For Women

Ladies, avoid the perm, even though it’s getting popular again. If your hair is grey, that is fine. Just make sure it is in a modern, cute cut.

Avoid “obviously” elastic waist pants. They are definitely gonging to age you. However, I am in favor of elastic waist, snug-fitting pieces that do not show. In fact, This Indianapolis Wardobe Stylist has a denim skirt on now that is trim,  elastic waist by Liverpool.  You can’t see it, and it is more slimming than a skirt with a front zipper. This is a great reminder if you’ve been hiding in quarantine for the last few months and the elastic waist is the only thing that fits. Take advantage of some online sales and get some new shorts for the summer.

Watch the florals; they can be aging. Never put a bright, bold floral on an area you don’t want to emphasize. This is from the lady who is a romantic style and loves florals. Just wear them in moderation and to scale to your size and shape.

Summer Style Tips For Men

Indianapolis Wardrobe Stylist has tips for men this summerGuys, avoid the Tommy Bahama, head to toe look. It’s a very old man look. It’s fine for Jimmy Buffett, but it can get old fast.  Also, avoid the “I’m retired so I can wear sweats all the time look.” This rule applies to all ages as we continue to work at home. Does wearing sweats and T-shirts really make you feel good and confident all the time.

You’d be surprised just how confident you feel when you have a crisp blouse or shirt for that Zoom meeting.

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA

AICI Certified Image Consultant, Indianapolis Wardrobe Stylist