Vests Making a Comeback!

We’re all seen or had a quilted vest. Many times they had a hood, were quilted and had an elastic waist. They seem to be popular for a while, then you don’t see them.

Vests are making a comeback. This time around, however, the quilting seems to be less puffy, the fit is more sleek and close to the body. I have seen some neutrals such as black and charcoal as well as brights such as coral and red, and even pastels such as light blue, pale pink and aqua.

I like the black and charcoal colors, since they slim you and with dark jeans make you look taller. Pair them with a neutral T-shirt and a pop-of-color scarf. Or pick a bright colored vest and pair it with neutrals, as well as snow boots, black boots or even brown.

The vest is a good piece as we begin to wind down from winter. We still need warmth, but maybe not the heavy wool coat or puffer.

Vests pictures, in order, from these stores: JCrew, Orvis, Madewell and Orvis.