Leggings can flatter all women!

Leggings continue to be a fashion staple, and I like to wear them myself. Just a few things to think about as you wear them:

– Leggings are not pants. When you wear leggings, cover your hips — completely. While it’s hard to sometimes find a top that completely covers your hips, it’s worth the effort. You don’t want your top to stop right at the widest part of your hips. Tunics are good options for leggings as are some mini dresses.

– Anyone can wear leggings with the right top. A short top doesn’t flatter anyone — even the very young.

– Buy a good quality legging…I like Spanx and JJill has some nice quality leggings at various heights. Wash them in cold water and hang them to try.

– Leather black leggings or even color leggings are cute now. Let the size of your legs be your guide.

– Wearing a monochromatic look will make you look lean and tall! Black leggings with a grey/black long top is pretty, but add some color in your necklace or a scarf.

– Wear a black boot with heels will make you look even taller. Shop around to find something comfortable, or just buy the tallest heel you can stand!

– I also like cropped leggings with a pointy-toe flat. Looks very Audrey Hepburn.

– If you are wearing a billowy top, contain it with a belt in the right spot for your body type.

– Avoid wearing too tight a top that curves in and out like a West Virginia highway. Your top should skim your body.

Experiment, and remember: The legging can be your friend.