Valentine’s Day Gift Idea! DryBar…

I have to admit…I have been fascinated with DryBar since I saw the first one last spring in Charleston, South Carolina. I saw another one in Dallas last December. The idea is intriguing: Go to a salon just to get your hair styled. It’s not part of your routine visit for a hair cut or color. I thought then…I hope Indy gets one of these soon.

My wish has come true: I ran into “our” version of a drybar–Do-tique opened last December on 110 Main Street in Carmel’s Arts and Design District. When my friend Elizabeth and I visited the store, we liked what we saw: clean and sleek, in white and blue! We decided then and there to try it. We’ll pick the style we want from the store’s look book, from the Erin’s soft curls to Kate’s beach waves. Then, we’ll “wow” our loved ones and family on a special night!

The national chain, DryBar, was first started by Michael Landau, a bald former Yahoo! executive, and his sister, Allie Webb, who wanted to open a store focusing only on styling and blow outs–not color, cut, etc. “As a guy with no hair, I thought she was crazy,” said Landau. “I didn’t understand why a woman would need a blow out or even pay for it.” His sister’s hunch, however, was right on the mark. DryBar has grown from four locations and $1.5 million in revenue in 2010 to 25 locations and $19 million in revenue in 2012. The company recently reached the milestone of the 1,111,111th customer who was awarded free blowouts for life (source: The Daily Beast).

To find out what the fuss is all about, Go to Prices start at $25-$35 for a blow out style and up for extra things like a massage and hair accessories. You can even book a party there!

Guys, what a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your special lady! Or ladies, drop some hints to your guy. I do it all the time: my husband loves it, since he knows it’s something I will like.

Happy Shopping!