Try Some Unusual Color Combos for Spring!

If you find yourself in a style rut, it can be tempting to continuously wear all black outfits day after day. But honestly, shouldn’t fashion be more fun than that? Instead of overhauling your entire look, why not try one of these unexpected color combinations instead?

Periwinkle + Burgundy

Periwinkle is a classic spring shade, but did you know it looks great paired next to burgundy? The light and dark shades contrast and create a perfect outfit formula. In the spring, let periwinkle be the base of the outfit and pair with burgundy accents, and vice versa once winter hits.

Hot pink + Bright green

I think this color combo screams summer! A super bright pink only gets better when paired with an color just as loud, such as a neon green. These colors speak for themselves so keep the outfit simple. A bright green t shirt and pink cardigan will do just the trick!

Green + Yellow

Nothing screams spring quite like green grass and sunlight, so why can’t your outfit scream spring too? There are so many different variations of green and yellow, so you will definitely be able to find a shade that looks best on you. If you tend to be warm toned, mustard and army green will be right up your alley. If you’re cool toned, don’t shy away from color, you can rock bright shades of yellow and green. In order to work this color combo try partnering a bright yellow turtleneck with a kelly green blazer and dark jeans for an very sophisticated look. Although, if you tend to be more minimalistic try a green statement necklace and a yellow clutch for a pop.

Cobalt Blue + Turquoise

Feeling blue? This color combination is the cure! These two cool tones will give your outfit a bright boost, and it is perfect for your next beach vacation. This color combination will look great with silver jewelry and bright whites. A regal pair of cobalt pants, paired with a turquoise blouse, and chunky silver jewelry will have you dreaming of an evening in Santorini.

Plum + Teal

Jewel tones make perfect fall and winter outfits. Teal and a deep plumb can add an instant glamour effect to your outfit. These colors really speak for themselves, so keep the outfit simple. A cozy plum sweater dress would look great topped off with a skinny teal belt and brown leather booties.

Orange + Black

Orange and black isn’t just for Halloween! If you do tend to stick to more basic black clothing orange is the perfect color to make your outfit pop. If you’re unsure of the combo perhaps try wearing an all black outfit with a bright orange shoe as a fun addition. If you like to live on the edge though, a bright orange dress paired with a black blazer and heels will really make you stand out. 

Purple + Coral

As living coral is Pantone’s color of the year now is the perfect time to try out this combination! Wearing purple and coral is the perfect combination to transition your winter wardrobe into spring. Coral is a universally flattering color, and it looks great with a rich color like purple. Try mixing a purple clutch in with a coral jumpsuit and add gold accessories.

If you’d like to find the perfect color combinations for your skin complexion, make sure to schedule your very own color consult.


Keep it sassy, Indy

Libby, Fashion Intern for Beth Divine Style