Try New Colors This Season

Even though I don’t embrace all trends for all clients, I do like to keep on them. I, your Image Consultant, like to read Who, What and Wear’s blog and see what they talk about. One of those big trends you can read about here: Who What Wear was Pistachio green, even head to toe. It’s a soft color, and it’s somewhat of a surprise.Image Consultant

Your Image Consultant Helping Your Find Your Colors

Orange and red and some purple were on the runway as well, and I even favor these combos: pink and red, and red and burgundy. I actually mentioned this at a corporate retreat where I spoke, and I received a somewhat surprising response from my audience. They were appalled and could not see it at all. Like most colors, it all depends on the shade of the color and how bright it is.

I, your Image Consultant, will never forget the bridal colors of my co-worker’s (who is an artist and graphic designer) daughter: burgundy, red and plum. It was absolutely beautiful and very unexpected.

I also remember last fall, about this time, when I attended a well-known etiquette expert’s seminar. The last part of it was hosted by a local personal stylist. Her clothes were absolutely beautiful, mostly designer and lovely. But – it was what she wore that caught my eye: she had on a medium pink pair pants, a red, burgundy, and a pink silk blouse and bright red pumps. She looked fabulous. Oh, it was so stunning. She was very, very tall and blonde and could pull it off. Ever since then, I have had my eye out for possible red and pink combinations. I, your Image Consultant, think it’s so fresh, and since one of the runway trends is sporting very bright colors, this look is still very in. (See my pink/red block print dress from

Image Consultant

Getting back to the soft green color that is hitting the stores. What looks good with it? This jacket is a fit funky and from a local boutique in my neighborhood. I liked the sleeves. I bought it to show at my corporate retreat talk to show what colors are popular now, and someone commented: It’s really very cropped. And it is.

So, this jacket presents two challenges: It’s a softer green than is usually out there (such as in military jackets), and it’s cropped. The funny thing about it is that this jacket really was made for higher waisted items such as jeans and midi, straight dresses. It’s really an ideal shape for someone like me who needs fullness and details on the top where I am more petite.

What colors coordinate with this green? I have found neutrals like cream, denim blue in a lighter and darker wash work (as too distressed jeans), and a lighter wash black or grey jean. Surprisingly, a soft grey is really beautiful with this shade of green. I would also wear it with a solid casual knit dress in a straight shape or an A-line. Here I am showing it with a grey T, Lucky Brand jeans, python pumps and a fun necklace with a Geode  (handmade by Fran Lee Designs) that I picked up at a jewelry party.

Have fun as you embrace some new colors!

Keep it sassy,

Beth Divine, MA

AICI Certified Image Consultant and Personal Stylist