Finding the Perfect Wool Coat, Part 2

As your Personal Stylist, I know that finding a perfect winter coat, that’s not a puffer, can take a while. You’ll have to try on many coats, but that is key to finding the perfect one. In my mind, the best winter coat will have three things: Be in your best color; be a great fit for your build/shape, and have a great cut/fabric.

Personal Stylist Wool Jacket

Personal Stylist’s Tips for Finding the Best Wool Coat

The first part of finding the best coat lies in knowing your best colors. I would encourage everyone to have a color consult to find your Wow colors (and yes I, Personal Stylist, do this service), but beyond that, just find out if you look better in cool or warm colors. The best way to do this is to try on a black coat versus a navy coat. Which one looks better? Or black and grey versus camel and navy. This will help you decide what colors are better for you. For instance, I am a warm, spring. I have blonde hair and blue eyes but a warm, peachy skin tone. I always look better in brown, navy and blue. Grey and black do not flatter me at all.

Second, how does the coat fit you? Are the shoulders lying flat where they should? Are the sleeves too long (while you can shorten sleeves, but for petite women, you might need a petite size). Sit down in it – does it fit closely but not too tight? If you plan on wearing layers underneath it, a little room is okay.

Third – what about the fabric? Before you even look at its contents, feel it. Is it coarse? It is soft? Is the fabric pilling? Buying a 100 percent wool coat is most desirable; however, some blends can be just as warm. Make sure the percentage of wool is higher than the other fabric, such as 70 percent wool. A cashmere-blend — or even better a pure cashmere — can be another wonderful option as well.

Wool is incredibly warm yet lightweight and often made from sheep. Read more here: Mulberry’s Cleaners  & Deal News – How to Buy a Winter Coat

Personal Stylist Wool Jacket

Fourth, look at the details: Are the seams evenly sewn without any threads? Is the lining made of high-quality fabric and not a cheap fabric that might pull or shrink when dry cleaned? Are the buttons of good quality; are they sewn on securely? Nothing is worse than a new coat with missing buttons. Do you have extra buttons provided? That is the sign of a good quality garment. Real Simple magazine has some great pointers, Real Simple – How to Choose the Best Winter Coat.

Fifth, I read this in one of the articles I researched for this blog: Buy a coat with pockets. What a simple tip, yet so true. However, be sure you know what you’re putting in the pockets. Don’t put an ink pen or something else that may leak.

Also, buy a coat that flatters your shape. This means — go into the store and try it on. I really believe this. Yes, you can find a great coat online, but who knows what you might have found in the store. The choices…can be vast. Have fun with it.

Contact Your Personal Stylist

As I tell all my personal shopping clients, before you shop, have a nourishing meal and a good night’s sleep. Then you will approach shopping with optimism and a bit of adventure. Who knows what you will find!

If you’d like some help finding the perfect winter coat, contact your Personal Stylist! I’d love to work with you.

Keep it sassy,

Beth Divine

MA and AICI Certified Image Consultant and Personal Stylist