Trends: What to Fall For!

Hello Indianapolis Fashionistas,

It’s a new season; winter is not far away and stores are bring in loads of merchandise every day. As you stock your closet and add some trendy and basic items, consider a closet cleanse with your Indianapolis Personal Stylist, Beth Divine Style. I will look over your present wardrobe, suggest some changes, and help you coordinate some new pieces with what you already own. Even I don’t throw out all my clothes each season. I do agree with the age-old concept if you haven’t worn something in over a year, donate or consign it.

If you are like me you tend to wear a few items constantly and don’t always reach for new purchases. It might help to know what our pieces coordinate with. That is half the battle.

As we move from a warm season to more cool temperatures, I always like to wear layers. That’s especially true in Indianapolis when a fall day starts out very cool, but can heat up to 75 or even 80 by the end of the day.

Here are some of my favorite layering pieces to “fall for” in the next few months:

  1. The colorful or soft bomber jacket. Last season I had a dark olive bomber jacket and found I didn’t wear it that much–probably because I already had two olive military jackets. I didn’t need more of that color. I encourage you to really think color and texture when you buy your jacket. I love this velvet bomber jacket which I found at Target. It hits two trends: the bomber jacket and a soft, velvet fabric that is huge this season. I also like the color — really can be worn as a neutral.
  2. The soft, crochet (duster) sweater is another great laying piece to add to your wardrobe. You are really wear it all year, and I love the delicate pattern that looks great with your dark Boho dresses, a T and jeans or even all black ensembles. This sweater is from
  3. Military jackets are still a mainstay in this season. I like them with some color, not neutrals, but you can wear them anyway. I find they can look dressed up, even work worthy), a dressy black top, pants and booties. Or wear with a bright T and white distressed jeans for a casual fall look. They can even make a floral dress a little less sweet, which is always a good thing. This more fitted jacket is from
  4. Capes are still in for winter. I like a very neutral one such as this grey/black one that I can wear with virtually any bottom: colored jeans, white jeans, traditional jeans, distressed jeans, even skinny middy dresses. Use your imagination. From
  5. this velvet duster is another twist on a classic. I particularly like this soft, velvet version from Its rich color can carry you into the holidays–throw it over dress pants, all kinds of jeans, including brown, and black and grey.
  6. Blanket scarfs are still a great layering piece. While I do think the small, square silk scarf is replacing “indoor” scarves, the blanket scarf remains a great accessory to add when the temps

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, Indianapolis Personal Stylist