Chic Travel for the Fashionista…

Indianapolis Fashionistas,

If you’re taking advantage of some good deals and traveling now, here are some tips on what to wear—and not to wear—on the plane, and ideas for some good munchies!

Clothing: What to wear and what  to wear!

First, let’s talk about what not to wear on the plane. My source was Caroline Costello, member of the Society of Travel Writers. Case in point, according to Costello, Lady Gaga wore one of her original looks on a transatlantic flight: 12-inch Armadillo stilettos by Alexander McQueen, and a black and yellow tape outfit. Gaga began feeling ill and to experience the symptoms of Deep Vein Thrombosis. It’s a condition often caused by dehydration, not moving around during a flight and cramped seats and other things. Also, her tight clothing was restricting blood flow.

  1. Leave the tight, unbreathable clothing at home. Wear natural, breathable fabrics such as cotton or linen and other natural fibers.
  2. Don’t wear your high heels, either, on the plane. Why? If you have to leave a plane quickly, you can run very fast, can you! If you must wear them, bring a comfortable pair of flats or tennis shoes in your carry on bag. (Case in point: Melania Trump who wore stilettos on the trip to Houston, but changed into her Stan Smith sneakers on the plane.) If you wear your bulkiest shoes on the plane, they won’t take up space in your suitcase.
  3. Avoid heavy perfumes or cologne. Do your neighbors a favor! Also try to wear clean clothes. Odors are intensified in the cramped space of the airplane as air is recycled through the cabin.
  4. Avoid offensive clothing such as shirts with offensive sayings, political and other types; ripped clothing that leaves nothing the imagination – ever think you’d catch your clothes on something during an emergency exit—you could! Try to dress more conservatively such as what you’d wear to church. (Remember the story from 2005 where Southwest Airlines booted passenger Lorrie Heasley from a flight because of her saying on her T-shirt. There was another recent incident about girls wearing leggings and being denied entrance to their flight.) Stay clear of T-shirts with curse words or controversial statements, and anything that tends to raise eyebrows in public.
  5. Don’t be tempted to wear warm weather clothing. You may have to endure a multitude of temperatures from toasty warm to arctic air! Airports and airplanes, nearly always, are cold. Wear many layers you can take off if you warm up. It also saves space in your suitcase.

Food suggestions for your travels:

Another big part of traveling is fitting in healthy food and beverages. It’s hard to do, even though it’s easier now to find fruit, whole grains and even dairy at the airport or on the plane. Here’s some good snacks to pack in your suitcase or buy after security. Here are some eating an nutrition tips from Dietitian Jackie Newgent (

  1. Bring an empty water bottle. After security, fill the bottle up on your way to the gate and then you’ll stay hydrated throughout your flight.
  2. Some healthy snacks:

Hot travel clothing and accessories:

  1. Maxi for going out or sleeping in. Nordstrom, Ted Baker
  2. Joggers, on Amazon.
  3. Swingy sweater, Nordstrom.
  4. Allbirds — many other colors to explore.
  5. T – Nordstrom (100 percent cotton).

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, Indianapolis Personal Stylist