The Miracle of Online Closets

For a couple of years now I have been using an interesting tool called an online closet. When I first saw it in my tool chest, I thought this tool will be good for some clients. As an Indianapolis Fashion Stylist, I just wonder if it’s worth my time and attention. But, I found the tool very easy to use and clients did like it — especially clients who had trouble putting outfits together and understanding color.

Indianapolis Fashion Stylist Advice for an Online Closet

One client, in particular, liked the tool since he was a new professional who was basically starting over with a new wardrobe. These types of tasks are particularly fun to me since I can build pieces from the ground up instead of making some existing pieces work. As an Indianapolis Fashion Stylist, I do love this. It’s like picking the ideal clothes for someone and being pleased seeing that individual sparkle in them.

We build his wardrobe from the underclothes – yes we did – to basic bottoms, tops, and third layers. If you’ve ever followed me at all you know how much I love the “third piece” because it instantly adds a put-together look, even if it’s just a denim jacket. To me, an outfit is not complete without a third layer. I, an Indianapolis Fashion Stylist, know many other stylists feel this way. Anyway, we picked a really different olive color knit jacket – it was basically a short shacket that was fitted. I loved the look since it added polish to jeans, chinos, and even plaid dress pants. The shoes make the outfit more formal or casual (as always).

We learned after shopping together that it was better if I, his Indianapolis Fashion Stylist, took photos of all the pieces that my client had bought and immediately uploaded them to the online closet. By the way, the online closet is also available in an app so that when you’re out shopping and can’t remember what shoes you have, you do a quick swipe and see them there. The online closet also serves as a document to show the ratio of casual to formal clothes, what colors abound, and what is needed. It is a terrific record.

I did not do a closet cleanse for this client, which would have been valuable, but I did advise the guy to replace the pieces in his closet as he bought new ones. When I do a closet cleanse, I can often save and reuse clothes clients often don’t know what to do with. But, for some clients, who are young and are building wardrobes for the first time, just skipping this step works and going straight to a new wardrobe.

As an Indianapolis Fashion Stylist, I know capsule wardrobes are huge, still, and I do have them in the back of my mind as we shop. Why is this? It’s just common sense. Have working it clients for more than 10 years now I know the typical way people shop. They buy in pieces; they buy on sale; they are attracted to something in the store, and then come home and never wear it.

So obviously as I shop, and the clients join me after I have prepared the dressing room, I have taken into account the best colors, best styles, best fits, etc. because we have already done that very first style appointment.

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