Summer Trends to Enjoy!

As a Personal Stylist, It’s always fun to research trends each season. I always approach them as – what are the designers doing now, and do any of them work for me! It is also a guide for me as I shop in the stores with clients so I am not surprised by styles, colors or lack or styles and colors.

Here are some general trends you will see:

  • Cutout clothing, especially around the waist, is still popular. We saw it last year, and it’s still with us, but this time it is much “bigger” and showing more skin.
  • Rosettes (fabric) are very popular. As a Personal Stylist, I just selected a dress for a client with beautiful roses on it.
  • Crochet that looks handmade are in this summer. Slinky, fitted dresses in crochet fabrics are very popular. Knitwear is still in. Fringe on the crochet is popular as is just fringe in and of itself.
  • On the runways, there was much creativity; almost a carnival like quality; think the Lion head dress by Schiaparelli designer Daniel Rosenberry Kylie Jenner wore. As a Personal Stylist, I noticed that there was very mixed reviews, to say the least.
  • Wearing bra-like tops is still very popular especially with the big, very wide-pants.
  • Many designers featured models of all sizes, expanding the typical look of thin models usually featured by designers.
  • Fabrics that are shiny, satin, sheer, metallic, velvet, even sequins are very popular this season.
  • Leather is still a core part of fashion, and a variety of colors and finishes such as stonewash leather are popular.
  • Denim is still a core part of spring and summer clothing in a variety of washes, distressed and patchwork.
  • Mini tops are popular; this includes very scant tops under big suits such as strip tops that look like a bra; corset tops, along or in a dress.
  • Low-waist pants and skirts are popular, especially showing the belly button and torso.
  • Shorts are popular; mini dresses and skirts.
  • As a Personal Stylist I saw more volume in skirts such as peplums. This look is great for those who need need to “add” weight.
  • Bubble hems are back (think 80s fashion!)
  • Utility look is still popular such as cargo pants and jumpsuits.
  • Hi-low look, short in the front and long in the back, made an appearance on the runways.
  • The maxi skirt is still popular, especially straight in white denim.
  • Statement skirts in wild patterns were popular, especially paired with a tank top.Personal Stylist suggests of Summer Colors
  • Capes, which were seen at King Charles III’s Coronation, are big.
  • Light tailoring shows up as big jackets and pants that are not as fitted and not very structured.
  • If you like polka dots, you will love what’s in the stores now. They are very popular, and they vary in size from small to large!
  • Animal print is still in fashion but now as much as it used to be.
  • Personal Stylist suggests of Summer ColorsPersonal Stylist suggests of Summer ColorsBright colors are popular this spring, some of which we saw last year (solar colors) such as lime green, bright orange, pink and yellow.

Here are some examples from Pantone, from neutrals to bright colors! Enjoy wearing some of these fresh colors for summer and into fall. I, your Personal Stylist, am really loving the coral and orange tones that are in the stores right now since I am a Spring and those colors really flatter me.

Need an update in your wardrobe such as some new colors or styles? Reach out to one of my channels to see how we can work together, starting with figuring out your best colors!


Keep it sassy, Indy.
Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC
Personal Stylist