Style Tips from Some of my Fav Books

The photo here shows an attractive lady wearing black. Believe it or not, 80 percent of the population has soft coloring (light brown hair, dishwater blonde with medium light eyes. They don’t look good in black–yet everyone wears it…)

Besides writing a blog, I also love to read, and of course I have read my share of style books. I thought I’d share some of my favorite ones by  Clinton Kelly: Oh No, She Didn’t: The Top 100 style mistakes women make and how to avoid them. Written in his witty, fun voice. I love what it says.

I am going to start with the first 25  out of his 100 tips…

1. The mom jean: enough said.  2. Scuffed heels  3. Fancy fingernails (Chevron print) 4. Catholic schoolgirl 5. Tattoos with evening wear  6. Gnarly feet 7. Muffin top  8. Track suits  9. Hairy legs under hose  10. Counterfeit anything (ditch that imitation Louie bag). 11. Low boobs (time for a new bra, sister…)  12. Applying makeup in public (ouch, this one hurts)  13. Pajamas in public 14. Colored suits (guilty of this in the 90s)  15. Reinforced toe  16. Tramp stamps at work  17.Cartoon characters   18. Denim on denim  9. Horse hair (extremely long hair in a pony tail)  20. Socks with clogs  21. Nippin’ out (too tight a top or a bra that’s not covering)  22. Black addiction  23. Suntan hose (enough said).  24. Turtlenecks (most people don’t rock them)  25. Matching your mate

B. Divine, Indianapolis Personal Stylist