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Last weekend, I had the rare opportunity to leave my home and travel to another state and enjoy restaurants, a beach, and highway excursions. I thoroughly enjoyed it; although it was very short. These are the times we live in. I still have not flown on a plane in more than six months, and my husband and I avoid eating indoors at restaurants. We have already talked about how we’ll get out during the winter. We decided we’ll try neighborhood and trail hiking, and I have even been checking out which winter boots would be good for this. This research I will include in a future blog!

Anyway, one evening as I sat outdoors near a busy street what joy it was to watch people walk by in their Saturday night fashions. That’s what I want to talk about here: my favorites and my not so favorites.

What A Personal Stylist Notices While People Watching on Vacation

Vacation style will never go out of style. All over the country, people are looking for ways to get away even in trying times. Escaping to a little vacation, no matter how far, might be what you need to boost your wardrobe. A new outfit for vacation could get you out of that quarantine slump. People watching on vacation is a great exercise for a Personal Stylist to see what’s trending in the real world. I’ve found some common vacation pieces that I loved, and some I didn’t.

Favorite Styles:

  • Guys in cotton, patterned short-sleeve shirts, shorts, and sandals. This is a very summery look, and I am always impressed when guys don’t have even one athleisure piece on such as sneakers that are for some sport.
  • Guys wearing hats, such as a straw Fedora. 
  • Women in silk, sophisticated print Rompers. I love a Romper in a neutral or dark print. If you have the shape, they are a beautiful hot summer night outfit. I especially like them with a black sandal or open-toe bootie.
  • White shirts. Even though I am not a huge fan, I do think they have a place for a summer outfit. One lady was wearing a white shirt, yellow chinos, straw hat and a black bag. It worked for her and looked very put together. I have a pair of yellow jeans and like to style them with white.
  • A floral-print wrap dress is one of my favorites, but the lady who wore this dress made it perfect. It was a blue-red knit dress, wrap style in a floral — but the floral was very small. She had on metallic sandals and a straw bag and wore her hair in a high Pony. Very cool and chic look.
  • Jumpsuits are really a classic now, and I was surprised how often I saw them on the street. One lady, who was tall, wore a beautiful blue and white vertical stripe jumpsuit in linen. Because she was tall she just looked slim and:”cool” in this 85-degree night. Also, the blue and white colors were perfect for this lady who was silver-haired. I saw another woman, who was brunette, in a dark coral jumpsuit, gold earrings, and shoe bootie. The jumpsuit had buttons down the front, and this lady was more petite. The pants were cropped.
  • A chambray dress, blue, with ruffles and a straw Fedora with a statement clutch.

Not so favorite:

  • Men in complete athletic wear, head to toe, in a gold shirt and pants.
  • Older women trying to pull off the distressed denim short and loud statement T-shirt. This look can work, but I really think it depends on the person.
  • Long denim shorts and a plain T-shirt. I would replace the T with a summer statement blouse and add a hat and summer earrings. I do think the really short, distressed shorts with a statement top and beautiful sandals CAN work if the woman is thin and trim! If you’re not trim or thin, proceed with caution!

Keep it Sassy, Indy.

Personal Stylist Beth Divine Says Jumpsuits Are InBeth Divine, MA

AICI Certified Image Consultant & Personal Stylist