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Serial Shoppers – Are you one?

In my journey in working with my Indianapolis Fashion Stylist clients, I have learned several things. One, clients need to learn their best colors, or else their wardrobe will not be as great as it could be. I meet so many people who are what I call “serial” shoppers. They buy often, anywhere, without a plan. Sales move them, media influencers tell them what to wear, as do well-meaning friends.

There are so many inexpensive clothing options out there, I understand how easy it is to be distracted. You can buy in quantity more, now than ever. Especially now that the stores are holding sales to move out spring/summer merchandise and make room for the fall items. But buying without abandon and without a plan is never a good idea.

Indianapolis Fashion Stylist’s Tips For Being A Better Shopper

Start by finding out what kind of shopper you are. Click here to take my quiz! 

Many times my Indianapolis Fashion Stylist clients buy large quantities of clothing online, just because they don’t like to shop in person. I understand it, and I shop some online too, but only after I know my size with a certain company. Again, we are bombarded with sales, stories, testimonials, from all sides and we feel the need to respond. I am not going to solve the current state of retail and our vulnerabilities to it in one blog. But I can say this: working with an Indianapolis Fashion Stylist like myself will help you by:

  • Creating awareness of how your view on shopping may not help you get the look or image you want
  • I can help you create a plan in deciding how you want to look and finding the right looks to achieve that

Create a Shopping Plan of Action

Since I have already mentioned several times how important color analysis is, I won’t go into such great detail again in this blog. It is a necessary first step! Once you have your book and we’ve discussed how to use it, the next step is to look at your wardrobe and develop a plan of action. Often, early in the process, you complete my questionnaire about you, your goals, why you want to work with a stylist, and then we do a style personality. This is one of my style questionnaires that is simple and one I like to give. Some of my Indianapolis Fashion Stylist clients have not really thought about their style and what they like so the questionnaire is very difficult. This is especially true if this person has had other people select clothing for them or wore clothing other people gave them their entire life.

Develop Your Goals and Shopping Budget

Once we know your lifestyle, your goals, and your budget, we’ll move on to the closet cleanse. Believe it or not, this is often the most difficult step for clients. They know they want someone to help them clear out their closet, but the process can be hard. Often I have been told: “No, not that item,” “you’re cleaning out too many items — what will I wear?” or  “Oh no, not that dress!”  I have heard it all it seems. if I sense someone is having a really hard time doing the cleanse, I might take a pause and pass this task next onto another week. For now, please take the clothing we’ve decided to donate to another room. If you desperately miss an item, bring it out and show me the next time we meet.

Nearly always, the client moves on. We finish the closet cleanse and start making a plan.

Do you need a closet cleanse? Your Indianapolis Fashion Stylist is ready to help!

Keep is sassy, Indy!

Beth Divine, MA, AICI Certified Image Consultant

President, Beth Divine Style