Staying Chic While Navigating Beauty Experts

You and I have been making decisions about how we look and what we wear for years. I have found, however, that sometimes you need to learn what’s best for you and pick your professional based on a couple of principles.

Tips From Your Personal Stylist

  1. First – does your hair stylist listen to you?  Personal StylistThis is a biggie. Many times, throughout the years, I have gone from stylist to stylist, not always because we didn’t “fit” – most of the time the stylist was moving to another location, and I didn’t want another “commute.” So, I’d look for another stylist I have blonde hair, even though it’s gotten dish water looking and dull. I like that bright blonde look since I makes my eyes stand out. Many stylists would not do this for me or disagreed. Believe it or not, it has taken a couple of years to find a stylist who colors and styles my hair the way I want.


  1. Did I mention I have very wavy—not curly—hair. I really need a stylist who’s comfortable about cutting my hair type. I have learned when I go to a new salon to ask for someone who likes cutting wavy hair. I have had great results with this. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and ask for a specialist who cuts your hair type. If the salon or stylist is not able to find someone who wants to work with you, keep shopping.


  1. Third, when looking for a hair stylist, be honest about how much upkeep you do on your hair. As I said I have curly hair, but I have had stylist who spend quite a bit of time curling my hair and not even working with the texture I have. I don’t need someone to curl my hair. I needed someone to teach me how to style my own hair. Two hair stylists ago I was fortunate to find someone who taught me how to style my often-difficult hair. She recommended products, too. If your stylist is a “teacher,” this is what you need.Unfortunately, she didn’t color my hair the way I liked so I moved on.


  1. Also, don’t fool yourself in thinking you can buy the very cheapest hair products and get amazing results. Most of the time you can’t. Really consider the products your stylist recommends. If you have a tight budget, be honest about it and ask for products at different price levels. Consider buying products at outlets such as Sally Beauty, too.They can sell some generic shampoos, etc., that are really good.

The final tip takes a little more explaining. I started having really dry skin and a friend of mine worked with esthetician she recommended I decided try. From the start, this professional didn’t really show me a price list. She gave me what she thought I needed. Now my skin did improve, and I liked the product lines she recommended. But this continued…I never knew what she’d be charging me. When I started giving her a price limit, she did less. Also, this person promoted other side businesses and products constantly during our time together. It was not relaxing at all. The last time I was there I thought it was time to try another professional. This other esthetician, from the beginning, was clear about pricing and what it included. The results were very good as well. So – I have found a new professional.

If the person you work with is not up front about the charges, find someone who is. You are, after all, a consumer.

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine

Certified Image Consultant & Personal Stylist