Seeing Red! It’s All the Rage

Hello Indianapolis Fashionistas,

We all know bright red is popular around the holidays. We wrap our presents in red wrapping paper, decorate our tree, put out our bright red Poinsettias. But, unlike other years, red is really a hot fashion color this year. I just received three clothing catalogs in the mail–Talbots, Bloomingdales and Banana Republic–and they all had a red item or two on the cover. That’s a not-so-subtle way of saying designers love red right now.

Did I tell you …I learned on my recent tour of NYC’s Fashion District how a trend is created? A trend is a “trend” when two or more designers do the same thing on a runway such as using red, ruffles or bold stripes.

As your Indianapolis Personal Stylist I can confidently say: red is a trend!

So….how can you incorporate red into your wardrobe. Before we dive into that deep well Indianapolis, let’s consider this: there are several shades of red. You need to find the right one that flatters your skin tone and overall coloring.

A quick easy way to figure out your coloring is to look at your wrist: are the veins blue or green? Blue — you have more cool coloring — green: you have more warm coloring. I have cool eyes and hair (blonde hair and blue eyes) along with tan, olive skin. I can really wear both. I tend to like a more warmer, true red.

Second, tip from your Indianapolis Personal Stylist is to ask yourself: Do I like to stand out, blend in? I like to stand out, that’s why I have always worn red and red prints. I even have red pants. If you are less bold, start with an accessory such as earrings, purse or even a cardigan sweater or shoes. If you decide red is your friend, buy a piece of clothing.

Last year, I asked my husband for a red Kate Spade purse, shown here. It is one of her smaller bags. I love that purse! I get so many compliments on it. A purse like this is an easy way to embrace the trend.

Now, you are ready to wear red, what should you pick. That depends on your figure type.If you are an hourglass and look wonderful in everything, I would select a red sweater dress or even red pants. It’s a great look for a holiday party.

Bigger on the bottom shapes should embrace red tops, blouses and vests. Even a red coat is a bold fashion statement. Be cautious about wearing bright red on the bottom; however, since you want to keep lighter colors on the top to draw the eye up. This sweater is really an alternative to red: it’s burgundy, but it’s beautiful, just the same, from Banana Republic.

Bigger on the top — embrace a red skirt with pleats, leather, etc. A-line is the best shape for you since your goals is to add width to your bottom to balance out your figure. Some red pants in velvet or silk or even a print with a plain V-neck top would be a great party outfit for the holidays. See these pants at Macy’s.

Finally the straight or the rectangle shape (or even hourglass) should wear red with details such as ruffles, gathered skirts, embellished necks and overall just some cute lines, and always define the waist. This will add some shape and curves to your overall straight shape. Here’s a cute TopShop dress from Nordstrom.

The bigger on the top (shoulders) can wear halters and cold shoulder tops better than anyone. Here’s an example from Amazon.

Not sure…consult with Beth Divine Style and we will find the perfect “red” outfit for you.

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, Indianapolis Fashion Stylist