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The Power of Color

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What is your Color Type?  … 80 percent of the population is a Soft:

Soft Coloring

If you are a woman with soft coloring, you most likely have medium brown hair, sometimes described as dishwater blonde or mousy brown. Your eye color is hazel, soft blue, green or medium brown. You may also have grey eyes. Whatever your hair or eye color, you definitely would describe it as medium in color and the contrast between your hair, eyes and skin are of low contrast. Your coloring demands soft shades of beautiful colors which can be worn with light ones for contrast or a combination of other medium colors.

Black is particularly unkind to you. If you insist on wearing black, then keep it away from your face and enhance it by wearing your best colors near your face. You will always look pretty in mint green, soft yellow, most blues, and medium shades of purples and lavenders. Wardrobe basic shades of camel, grey and medium brown are good colors to have in basic staples in slacks, jackets and skirts. Accent with ivory, peach and pink. Beware of too dark or heavy colors on your tender coloring –these will make you look older than what you are.

Because of your neutral coloring, no dashing out bare faced for you. Remember when you wear soft colors to balance with your makeup. Your makeup should be in soft colors as well. Toffees, soft pinks and corals are good shades of lipstick that will enhance your coloring. Since you have medium intensity eyes, wear medium intensity lipstick or lip stain/gloss. Wear soft blush and eye shadow colors, too.

You are blessed to wear both gold and silver accessories. If you have a very pink undertone in your skin, then silver might be a good choice or even shiny gold. If you have a more yellow undertone, then gold would be best for you—especially a muted gold. A gold/silver mix is always a nice combination. Colored stones from your palette of colors, pearls, copper or bronze are a fun change.

Light Coloring

You are a “light.” Women who has light as their dominant color characteristic have a natural elegance to their appearance. You have bright eyes, pale- to medium-skin tone and light blonde hair. As a child, you may have been described as a “Tow Head.” You probably have lots of pastels in your closet, but note that your colors have a range from very pale to medium bright. Continue to wear these colors, and don’t forget to add in accessories to finish your look.

Beware of black. It can overpower you and make your skin look dull and lifeless. However, the lighter your hair, the better black looks on you. Very dark colors can make you look much older. If you insist on wearing black, keep it away from your face. Bright colors (think neon) will look inexpensive on you, while your best hues are light shades of purple, blues, yellows and green. You may build a wardrobe on some neutrals such as gray, camel and soft browns. Wear white and ivory during the summer months. Think of a summer garden when choosing colors. Wide choices of aqua and blue-greens give you a fresh alternative to blue which already have plenty of in your wardrobe. Even though red is not in your color palate, you may still wear it, but be careful that it is not too bright or too dark. Think of watermelon red as your best red to pinkish-red.

Steer clear of autumn colors and earth tones. These will appear too dark and heavy, and will look harsh again your skin tone. You are beautiful in soft prints of colors. Please do not wear high contrast prints such as black and white. You will be better in a softer mix of shades such as lavender with ivory or jade with soft white. Accessories: You are blessed to wear both silver and gold but probably look better in silver since it is a soft tone. A silver and gold mix will always be great for you. Makeup: Your makeup shades will be in lighter colors as well as soft pinks and light peaches or neutral shades of makeup will enhance your ivory coloring. If you have light eyes, then wear light lipstick. If your eyes are medium color, then wear medium lipstick. You will probably need a blonde eyebrow pencil to bright out your brow colors. If you have very bright eyes, wear eyeliner that enhances that in black or charcoal grey. Beware of wearing too much black liner, since dark colors recede and make your eyes look smaller, and light colors make your eyes look bigger.

Deep Coloring

Your strong, deep coloring demands deep shades of beautiful, rich colors and can be worn with light or bright colors for contrast. You will always look fabulous in black, unlike so many women who don’t have the natural coloring to pull it off. You can choose from the primary tones like blue, red and bright yellow but can also wear a chocolate brown or deep green.

Charcoal with turquoise is a wonderful color combination for you. Black will always be dazzling on you for evening, why not try true red in satin, velvet or silk. For casual clothes, try pine green and hot pink—both winners on you. Or consider a bright yellow for workout wear. Leopard print is always a fun, trendy look for you.

Stay away from pastels. The softest shades of the color spectrum will only make you appear tired and washed out. Instead of a bright shade of pink, opt for a vibrant purple or green. You will look striking.

Makeup: Because of your exciting coloring, when you wear bold colors you need to balance them with your makeup. Your makeup shades should be in the deeper colors as well. Raspberry and dark amber shades of lipstick will enhance your strong coloring. If you have deep eyes, then wear deep lipstick. If you are eyes are a medium intensity, then a medium lipstick is better. If you don’t like to wear lipstick, consider a rich shade of lip gloss or stain. Go soft on your blush, while stronger on your eye shadow colors. Black liner and mascara are better colors for you.  You are blessed to be able to wear from gold and silver accessories. If you have a very pink undertone to your skin, then silver might be your best choice or you may wear shiny gold. A gold/silver mix is always a great combination. Bold gemstones are a fun alternative, such as ruby or emerald.

Your strong and rich coloring is a gift, and you demand attention when you walk into a room. Be confident, and wear medium to dark colors to enhance your natural coloring. Do not let soft or pale shades keep you hidden—these will dull your coloring. The deepest hues will always be the most beautiful on you.



Warm Coloring

If you are someone with Warm undertones that dominate your coloring, you are a natural redhead, have auburn hair or are a brunette with red or golden highlights. If you are a brunette, then your hair color can range from lightest to darkest brown. Golden blondes fit into this category as well. You may have freckles. Your eyes range from blue to brown with hazel and green being the most prevalent.

As the shades of autumn are the most beautiful on you, just take a ride to the beautiful mountains of North Carolina on a gorgeous fall day and be inspired to build your wardrobe around these fresh colors. In the spring and the summer, you can wear the softest shades of those colors from the yellow and peach palettes. Pure white is never good on you, so wear ivory or cream. Wear chocolate as your neutral, not black, for your best look. You can wear black, but be very careful not to build a wardrobe around it since it can tend to be aging on your pretty coloring.

Because of the warmth in your skin, you are the only one of the dominant color categories that should not wear silver jewelry. I know I know—you don’t want to hear that. But, gold-tone jewelry just looks better on you. If you must wear silver jewelry, then wear a silver and gold mix, but don’t wear silver jewelry alone. Ivory peals, copper and bronze accessories look great on you. Colored gemstones from your palette are splendid as well on you.

Your makeup shades should be tawnies and earthy tones. If you have deep eyes, then wear deep lipstick. If yours are a medium shade, then soft shades of lipstick are better for you as these creates balance. If you don’t like to wear lipstick, then consider a lip balm or stain in a bronze or copper. Go softly on your blush but stronger with your eye shadow colors, but always use warm tones of makeup. No pinks for you.

Remember your warm and golden coloring is fabulous, especially if you wear the colors of autumn. Do not wear pinks and bright shades of blue as these will dull your beautiful coloring. The warmest shades with a yellow undertone will be the most flattering, day or evening.

Clear Coloring

With Clear coloring, you have outstanding features that are rather exotic! You have medium to dark hair with bright or very dark eyes and light to medium skin tone. Therefore, the very best colors for you will be the brightest shades you can find. You are considered to have contrast in your coloring and that means that combinations of the dark colors with very light ones look amazing on you. For example, black and white and navy and yellow look good on you when worn together. The palest shades of violet, mint and gray are great examples of the colors you can wear with vibrant shades, but be sure to not wear these lighter shades on their own. You must shy away from browns and beiges because these colors will look pale on you and make your skin look dull and lifeless. The key to your palette is to steer clear of colors that look muddy.

Silver jewelry will always look better on you than gold. Even though you can wear some gold, make sure it is shiny gold and not muted. You will also look great in precious stones and turquoise. Other great colors for you will be any bright shades of green, pink, blue and red. For work, navy and black are great on you, but for everyday, try deep purple, true blue or emerald-turquoise. Black jersey knit will command everyone’s attention. When you are relaxing, don’t retreat into sludgy shades, but wear reds and blues. Because of your coloring, you will want to wear a brighter shade of lip gloss. The no lipstick is a no-no for you. makeup shades should be in brighter colors also. A bright pink or red lipstick will enhance your natural coloring. If you don’t like to wear lipstick, then consider a bright shade of a lip gloss or stain. Go stronger on your eye shadow but softer on your blush. Remember to not go too dark with your shadow, but opt for some color instead to bring out your strong coloring. Your coloring is your gift. Since you have high contrast color, wear bright, clear colors. Earth tones and muddy colors will not complement your colorful eyes and hair.

Cool Coloring

If you have Cool coloring, you most likely have beautiful white, silver, salt and pepper, or grey hair. You may also have hair that is medium to deep in hue, but has an ash cast to it. Your eyes are any shade of blue, but has a blue-green or gray cast to them. There is also the occasional person with brown eyes, but that is rare. Your cool coloring demands shades that have a blue undertone. You cannot successfully wear browns or muted colors. These will wash you out. You should wear bright colors or light colors for contrast, or wear a combination of cool colors.

You will always look stunning black, unlike most women who would love to wear black, but don’t have the natural coloring to carry it off. You can choose from primary tones like blue and red, but beware of any color that has yellow undertones to it such as orange, neon green and yellow. Remember that you will always be better in pure white than ivory or cream. Navy is a good basic for you, but also try rose, fuchsia, plum or a blue-red for complementary look. Hot pink is always a hit for you.

The person with “Cool” coloring as the dominant color characteristic is the exception more than the rule. There will be less people that have similar coloring to you than any of the other dominant characteristics. Always wear silver or white gold jewelry. Yellow gold will not harmonize with your unique coloring. White or grey pearls are always a nice touch. Colored gemstones in your cool palette, like turquoise, will look wonderful, too.

Your makeup shades should be in pinks, plums and soft mauves. If you have deep eyes, wear deep makeup colors in lipstick. If yours are a medium shade, then medium lipstick is better. If your eyes are soft in color, then soft shades of lipstick are better.

Book recommendation: Color Me Confident by Veronique Henderson and Pat Henshaw