Bon Voyage: Pack Your Bags!


Hello Fashionistas…It’s your Indianapolis Personal Stylist here. If you are really lucky, perhaps you are planning what to wear for your tropical winter vacation. I am happy for you — if not just a little jealous. Anyway, there are several points of view on how to dress for vacation. One of which is the capsule wardrobe of essentials where all clothing goes with other clothing. I like this idea since it does save space in your suitcase. I would put together several neutrals–for this time of year–probably, black, navy, olive, grey, burgundy and then T-shirts and jackets as well as a few pop–maybe red, purple, hunter green, royal blue in solids or prints– of color items such as scarves, hats and jewelry to spice it all up. Now for a true beach vacation–ignore these suggestions. Use bright white, coral, turquoise, sheers, lace, …the sky is the limit. Have fun! Don’t forget a big hat though.

Another idea that was certain foreign to me was from my husband, who used to travel to the UK often for his job. He didn’t always go to glamorous London, but he also went to smaller cities such as Sunderland. Anyway, Michael said his goal was not to stand out as a tourist. So, he’d research it a little before he went, take some essential pieces of clothing and then buy something where he ended up. I have only done this one time when we were visiting New York City. It was late summer, almost September, and everyone was wearing black–something I did not bring. So, I bought a black pencil skirt. When someone asked us for directions, we knew we were right on the mark.

I also remember visiting Hawaii and buying something really unusual in one of the stores. It had beautiful flowers and lots of sheer fabric. I really enjoyed that dress, and it was a splurge I bought right near our hotel. It was a great way to get into the island spirit and feel as though I wasn’t wearing the same old thing. I always make a point when I am on vacation to shop at stores we don’t have at home — there are many. Zara was a store I recently visited that we don’t have yet in Indianapolis.

Indianapolis Personal Stylist Tips on Shoes

Of course a big challenge for women is how many pairs of shoes to take. If your vacations are active and you’re walking miles of city streets, running, hiking, and then want to have some fancy shoes, it’s hard! I always take my running shoes and sometimes use those for my city touring. I try to take a comfortable pair of pointy-toe flats and one pair of wedges or some type of heels. I also always have flip-flops to wear in the hotel or at the pool. I just don’t like walking around barefoot.

I also always have a hat to keep the sun out of my eyes and sunglasses. Whether you use a carryon or check your luggage, you’ll want to save space with your toiletries. Several years ago when I started visiting my mom overnight at least once a month, I read a travel article about always keeping part of your bag packed with items you always use–just in travel sizes in a little bag you can hang on the door. In this bag I keep: deodorant, face cleanser, shampoo and hair products, a hair brush, toothbrush and toothpaste, contact lens, nail file, tweezers, dental floss, small bag with makeup, moisturizer and suns green. After a trip, I restock it so when I need it again, I don’t have to worry about it. If you know the hotel you’ll be staying in already has shower gel and shampoo, you can skip these items.

For more special items such as a mask for sleeping on the plane, neck pillow for the plane, amazing luggage and other items, check out and a luggage store in your city.

Happy Travels!

Keep it Sassy, Indy!

Your Indianapolis Personal Stylist, Beth Divine Style