New Year’s Resolutions


Hello Fashionistas! Happy New Year. It’s that time of year when you hear about New Year’s resolutions and think about making them. Sometimes I do make goals, and in other years I have not at all. It seems just because of who I am I often end up learning something new or doing something different throughout the year. My very first supervisor in my public relations job told me that every year she tried to learn something new. I think that is a great idea. We all need to continue learning, right?

For this year’s “something new,” I’d like to how to learn how to be a real hiker. I had the opportunity to hike last year near Reno, Nevada, near the Donner Pass. I went up to Nevada from Southern California with some family members had stopped in some little towns in the desert on the way there and saw some real “hikers” stop and get supplies, trade stories with other hiders, etc. It was intriguing to me. So, I’d like to hike again. I do think I am going to add some real hiking boots to my wardrobe. I seemed to slip around a lot with my sneakers.

Anyway, my meandering does have a purpose: I wrote some tips for styling in the new year for a publication and ended up changing it, but I thought those tips would be great for this venue.

So, here it goes…Think about ways you can “renew” you in 2017. There are 31 long days in January, so try each weekly tip and see: maybe it will “renew” you!

See if some of these tips, from your Indianapolis Personal Stylist, first apply to you and something you’d like to try!

  1. Are you a serial shopper? Take some time off. For one week, don’t buy any clothing. When you do buy something, make sure it goes with at least three items in your closet.
  2. Don’t usually wear dresses? This week, wear a dress at least twice with tights and boots or stilettos.
  3. Closet bursting at the seams? Take stock, and clean out the closet: donate any clothing you haven’t worn in a year or that doesn’t fit.
  4. Style in a rut? Visit a store you don’t regularly shop in and try on something you don’t own such as a jumpsuit, Cold-Shoulder top or leather pants. You might be surprised how spectacular you look.
  5. Look at your closet and put together a new outfit with different color combinations: Try navy with black; yellow with purple, purple and green, orange with magenta, red with burgundy, brown with black; burgundy with hunter green and cream with white. You’ll be amazed at the new outfits you will have.

Beyond style, there are some other “resolutions” you might consider.

One of those is to make a new friend. I am always happy at the end of the year when I start sending out Christmas cards to think about any new friends I have made over the year. Sometimes it surprises me. For instance, Shirley, another alto in the church choir, is a new friend I made this year. She is older than I am–80ish??–and different. She was a music teacher for most of her life. We’re alike because we both have a devilish sense of humor and like to laugh. It made me smile when I received her card…which said. “I am so glad you are my friend.”

Now when I think about the new things, new resolutions and even accomplishments over this year, I feel especially proud of being friends with Shirley.

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, Indianapolis Personal Stylist