5 Ways to Dress for Fall When It’s Still Hot Out

It’s fall but still warm out…Don’t want to look like the last rose of summer…Follow some of these trends and tips.’

Running around in a sundress and flip-flops was fun while it lasted, but now, we’re back in the season of gorgeous clothes and back-to-school shopping. (Whether or not you have a bona fide First Day of School is irrelevant, we checked.) Problem is, the weather hasn’t gotten the memo. How can you start wearing your favorite fall trends when temps are still topping 85 degrees? Straddle that hot/cool line ever so carefully.

1Wear Over-the-Knee Boots With Your Favorite Spring Dress

One non-heat-exhaustion-causing way to wear those over-the-knee shoes? Top them with a short, sleeveless dress. Your look will stand out because it’s stylish, while still showing enough skin to keep cool.

2Double Up On the Shirts

That long sheer chiffon shirt that’s kind of hard to wear will certainly come in handy when the weather starts to turn… Dig it out of the back of your closet to cover up and keep from getting chilly off while dressing up even the most casual of summer outfits.

3Drape a Blazer Over Your Bare Shoulders

A tank top + cuffed skinnies are a totally warm-weather appropriate combination, but a draped structural blazer paired with a chic but comfy slip-on sneaker or top-sider (like the Sperry A/O Weathered 2-Eye Boat Shoe) gives the easy look an autumnal (as in your shoulders and toes are completely covered) twist.

4Wear Your New Fall Blazer With Shorts Instead of Pants

The first time you pull out your favorite fall blazer is basically a national holiday, right? Keep yourself from turning into a sweat monster by layering it over shorts as opposed to long pants. (Uh, we suggest wearing a shirt or a bandeau underneath, too.)

5Try an Ultra-Lightweight Sweater With a Miniskirt

In a few short months, yummy sweaters and structured skirts will serve as cozy winter pieces, but for now, pair a sheer, open weave sweater (breathable!) with a miniskirt for a fashionable grown-up-schoolgirl look.