The Wrap Dress is Back in a Big Way!

With today’s ever-changing fashion trends, it is unlikely to see a style that will stay current for longer than a season. Take it from your Personal Stylist. It almost seems that within fast fashion you need to buy a whole new personal wardrobe twice a year, just to look up to date. It is extremely rare for a silhouette to stand the test of time, especially in today’s contemporary world. However, every now and then there are iconic stylist pieces that truly stand the test of time. For example, a leather jacket, or a white blouse always seem to be in style. But perhaps, a specifically iconic piece for women would be the wrap dress. ​It’s nearly impossible to deny the wrap dress’ icon status. In the past 40 years, it has ​become a staple in nearly every woman’s wardrobe.

From Your Personal Stylist, The Wrap Dress is Universal

The beauty of it is virtually all women can wear some form of this pretty dress!

The wrap dress originated in Belgium by the now infamous fashion designer and stylist–Diane von Furstenberg. In 1974, the designer created the wrap dress. It became a symbol for women to establish their power yet feel feminine at the same time. The dress is extremely flattering on all personal body silhouettes. As well as the fact that it is versatile, easy to wear, and stylish. Von Furstenberg’s version was a collared, long-sleeved shirt-dress that wrapped around the waist. The design complemented a woman’s personal curves, while at the same time hid any undesirable bulge. In the 70’s, the dress was made with a printed jersey that hugged the body, a V-neck, and a sash that tied at the waist​. Due to the success of the dress, by 1976 more than 5 million dresses had been sold by von Furstenberg alone. Every stylist has suggested this to their client at least once in every encounter.

Was it Always a Dress?

However, at the beginning of her design the wrap dress wasn’t a dress at all. Says von Furstenberg, “It started as a wrap top and skirt, and I thought it would make a simple and sexy dress.” She later went on to say” I had no idea it would be such a phenomenon. It was so effortless, and it allowed women to go to work and still feel like women…I used to travel all over the country, meeting someone in different cities and helping them to tie their wrap dresses. I could always see the way it changed a woman once she put it on…It was a very empowering thing for me, and for them.”

In 2019, the wrap dress still continues to dominate the fashion world. Many stores are coming out with modern wrap dresses made with lightweight material that will keep you cool throughout the day, making it the perfect dress to get you through summer. Reformation has a great variety of wrap dresses for all your summer needs.

This dress will be perfect for your personal summer 4th of July party. It will look great paired with some delicate sandals, and straw bag. Or if you are looking for a work appropriate dress, that you can also wear for drinks, try this classic black wrap dress from LOFT.

It will look great paired with a printed cardigan, and ballet flats for work. Then, to transition the look to night throw on some heels and chunky gold jewelry, and you are ready for a night out on the town.

Now to wrap things up! If you are in need of a new summer dress, give the wrap dress a shot! You are sure to look amazing in it! If you’d like to shop with Beth Divine Style, your Personal Stylist, you can find many wrap dresses that flatter you — yes, you! Here is a list of her services. Want to set up a consult? Contact her here!

Keep it sassy, Indy

Libby, Fashion Intern for Beth Divine Style, Personal Stylist