From Your Men’s Stylist: The Best Fabrics of Summer

Guys, it’s getting hot outside. And your Indianapolis Men’s Stylist knows what that means: perspiration. It’s something we all do, and while we really can’t prevent it, we can make some good clothing choices to minimize its effects.

Men’s Stylist: At First Glance

When I work with guys, I often look at most of their wardrobe in our first appointment together. As a Men’s Stylist, I look at everything, including how clothes wear. Very, very often I find dress shirts with yellowed-armpits. My stylist way to prevent this dilemma, believe it or not, is to wear a thin, high-quality undershirt. Why? This basic T-shirt traps the sweat. It’s surprising how many men do not wear undershirts. I understand – somewhat – it’s another layer, and it’s really hot outside. However, the undershirt really does help control perspiration and often saves your shirts. Trust your stylist on this one. I’ve seen a lot!

Men’s Stylist: Foundations Are Important

Undershirts with sleeves are better than tank undershirts since the sleeved one’s trap sweat under the arms. Here are some good options, and some brands have tall and other extended sizes.  Calvin Klein is also a good choice.

If you like to unbutton the first few buttons of your shirt, consider this V neck.

Men’s Stylist: The Fabric is Essential

Okay, on to the next stylist suggestion. Picking the shirts you wear in the summer. When I used to work in a corporate setting, I often wore a white button-down shirt and a pencil skirt to the office. The white shirt was cool, the light color did not draw light, and it felt fresh. Back then, I had to iron it every day. We don’t have to do that now since many shirts are wrinkle-free. And, you can always buy a good steamer that I think is easier to use than an iron.

So, think about buying 100 percent cotton or a fiber that’s very close to that in your shirts. They will keep you cool. Lighter fabrics, in general, are going to be cooler.

Men's StylistSo, while denim is made of cotton, it is not going to be as cool as a lightly woven shirt.

Men’s Stylist: Choosing Sleeve Length

Short sleeve or long sleeve? Not everyone agrees with a stylist on this point, but for the office, I am a firm believer in long-sleeve shirts—not short sleeve. I think it looks more professional, and people in a meeting won’t be distracted by very hairy arms (LOL). I’m just saying what everyone is thinking!

But for a more casual setting, this stylist can embrace the short sleeve shirt. It’s cooler and a nice casual vibe. Pair it with shorts for a casual event; although I don’t really like Cargo shorts for all events. I am not a fan. (That’s another blog!)

For pants, again, seek out cotton. Chino pants are so in style right now, and they are nothing like their older versions from the past. There are neat colors and the cuts are more flattering since many do not have pleating in the front. Find a color you like, and pair it with a button-down. If you want to add a summer jacket, find a cotton jacket that’s a little more relaxed and some jazzed up shoes in a fun color or fabric. Here are a few stylist ideas for your next button up!

 If you need a stylist to help you shop or create a wardrobe that works better for your lifestyle, contact me!

Keep it sassy, Indy.



Beth Divine, Indianapolis Men’s Stylist and Certified Image Consultant