Etiquette is Not a Snobby Thing!

Your Personal Stylist is not just all fashion focused. We focus on your total personal brand. Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending an intensive etiquette class in New York City – at the Plaza Hotel no less.

I didn’t know what to expect at the event. Would everyone be snobby and stuck up about this topic that many people tend to snub?

It was nothing like that. It was a warm, fun group of ladies, some stylist and some not, and one guy who truly wanted to learn more about personal manners and treating people well. Really that is what etiquette is all about – being concerned about the needs of others and basically being gracious and kind. As your stylist, I want to bring you the services you need to become the best version of yourself.

I thought it was interesting that our speaker, easily on, talked about how to respond to people who come up to you and say: where did you buy that outfit. It’s not polite to do this. I have done it myself. Why? What if you bought the top at Target or a garage sale? You don’t want to be so personal and say that. Or maybe you don’t want to say where you bought it. Maybe you didn’t even buy it — someone gave it to you. I would just respond by saying oh I don’t remember, or just ignore the comment all together.

Personal Stylist with Style and Etiquette

My class was taught by Myka Meier from The Plaza Finishing Program with Beaumont Etiquette. She was a total delight. I knew I was going to like her when I learned she was a stylist and consultant for Downton Abbey and actually taught staff personal etiquette and set the table in the banquet scenes (she said they used Spoke China!). How cool is that?

Of course, we covered dining etiquette, and I was surprised at how much I did not know. We then practiced what we learned in a delicious lunch with you guessed it – at least three courses and five pieces of tableware. But we all had fun and had enjoyed each other’s company as we practiced.

Etiquette Tips from Your Personal Stylist

One thing I will pass along, your Personal Stylist – this will help you for those infrequent formal dinners. Remember that each personal place setting is set up like this: BMW. Bread plate on the left, meat on the plate and water glass to the right. You use cutlery but picking the one on the outside and working in. Usually there is a salad fork, and that is the first course. Pass food first to the person on your left and then to the right. When you hold a glass with a stem, hold the stem not the round part of the glass to prevent warming up the liquid and leaving fingerprints.

When you take a roll first tear off a piece, and then place it on your personal butter plate or on the lower left side of your plate. Tear off a piece at a time near the plate and butter it to prevent crumbs. Remember not to eat off the “charger plate” that is the largest plate under the dinner plate. The list goes on.

Personal StylistOne interesting comment Myka said was to arrive 10 minutes late for a dinner party – never early. This way the host can finish up last minute details and add their personal style!

Myka also said in today’s world, men no longer have to open doors for ladies. Hmmm, really?Interesting. She said, guys, don’t say “ladies first.” You can say, you first though. It’s less gender specific. Myka also added that women can offer to pay during a date (it’s usually who asked whom to go out who pays).

Of course, we covered much more than this, but I can’t give away all my stylist intel! I am going to add some basic etiquette tips to the services I offer. Like I said before, as your stylist, I am not just solely focused on your fashion and style, but your total personal brand. Stay tuned for expanded stylist services in the near future.

Tips from Other Stylists

Personal StylistI was thrilled that Myka also had two other parts to the course: a fashion stylist who gave tips on how to create a wardrobe—be still my heart—and a hair stylist talked about how to get the most from your stylist. I loved both of these segments. One tip from the hair stylist: If you can’t talk to your stylist up to 15 minutes about what you envision your hair style to be, find another stylist. You need to be able to ask for certain things – but remember what you ask for may not work with your personal hair type.

The Personal Stylist had an outfit I absolutely loved. It was red, pink and black, a blouse with a purse print and soft pink pants and red shoes. Similar here. I am going to find a personal way to copy it!! Of course, the blouse was by Dolce & Gabanna and was so beautiful. Perhaps a dupe with my own stylist twist?


Keep it sassy, Indy.



Beth Divine, AICI Certified Image Consultant and Personal Stylist