Part 2: Are Your Clothes Aging You?

Capri pants. Capri pants have been on my hit list for as long as I can remember. The eye goes to horizontal lines. When you place a horizontal line in the middle of your calf where most of us are widest, it makes calves appear larger and our legs shorter. If you have long legs and thin calves, go for it.

The solution: Ankle-length pants are a better choice. As an Indiana Wardrobe Stylist, I love draw-string linen/cotton pants by J. Crew Factory. They come in oodles of colors and many size options. Much like Capri pants, I’ve preached against wearing black for years (I own plenty of it myself). Black is severe, and it adds shadows and accentuates lines on our faces.

Introduce softer neutrals into your palette. Warm blonds look amazing in camel, neutral brunettes look wonderful in taupe and warm brunettes in rusty browns (in other words, look for neutrals that are like your hair color). Also, your color analysis will reveal what other neutrals flatter you. Navy, grey, cream, burgundy, and olive are other choices. If you’re not sure, ask me for a color analysis.

Indiana Wardrobe Stylist picking clothesLong, flowy tops. I love boho-style tops. My issue is with tops that extend beyond the bottom of your rear. This length makes your torso appear overlong and your legs short. Overall, you appear chopped in half and, dare I say it, frumpy.

The solution: Opt for a high/low top where the front hem is around your leg break, and the back hem skims mid-rear. These are great with slim-fitting pants or leggings. I, your Indiana Wardrobe Stylist,  have friends who love the Sojourn Top by Athleta. It has a cool, modern edge, and breathable SPF-protecting fabric is perfect for summertime.

Caftans. The women who wear caftans well are typically tall. Most often, they look great on women with large breasts, which give the caftan shape and structure. Everyone else looks like Mrs. Roper.

The solution: Look for dresses around knee length or just below the knee. If you have curves, look for a shapely dress like Athleta’s Playa Linen Wrap Dress. If flowy is your jam, opt for a shorter cover-up style dress like this one by Velvet by Graham & Spencer.

Ballet flats. You might not think of a ballet flat as an “aging” offender. It’s simply that there are more modern options for comfortable, stylish shoes. As an Indiana Wardrobe Stylist, I recently spotted a similar tennis shoe as this funky Converse on a lady at the airport, and I couldn’t take my eyes off them.

The Solution: She could have worn a ballet flat with her top and jeans, but she would not have looked as current. This Kate Spade loafer is reminiscent of a ballet flat but with a more modern shape. A slight heel is always a nice choice as it gives you a touch of height, and improves posture and presence.

Young Clothing Choices from Your Indiana Wardrobe Stylist

Since the pieces that “age” a person vary by person, it is important for you to be aware of how you look and feel in a garment. If you feel like a piece looks too old or too young, it does. Regardless of others’ opinions, a garment must feel right on you. Tune into your intuition and allow it to guide you toward modern choices.

When you get dressed, I want you to feel supported and confident in what you are wearing. If you can forget about it after you put it on, that’s perfect. If you are tugging on it or otherwise feeling self-conscious, chunk it.

I’m here to help. If you’re wondering how to make sense of your closet and step out as the best version of yourself each day, message me. You deserve to look and feel your best every day.

Keep it sassy, Indy.
Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC

Personal Image Consultant and Indiana Wardrobe Stylist