What Pants Look Better on Me? From Your Image Consultant

Which Pants are Most Flattering for Me? As Told By Your Image Consultant

This question is one I get quite often as a stylist and Image Consultant. And, it’s certainly an excellent question to ask. We know that not all shapes look great on everyone, so a little knowledge about what works for us is information to help us as we shop.

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Ann Taylor made my day when I saw this chart outlining the pant shapes they sell. I often buy pants at Ann because they fit me. And, I am not an easy fit! I am slightly petite in height, just over 5”4”; I have a short rise (short waisted); and I am a bigger on the bottom shape with a smaller waist and curvy shape. I like Ann Taylor’s curvy option many times; sometimes I buy petites but not always. However, I have a short rise and am short-waisted, but ironically, I am long-legged for my shape.

Image Consultant Principles on Buying Pants

Curvy/Bigger on the Bottom shapes (plus, petites, and average sizing):

Buy a straight cut pant, a flared Trouser pant or a straight cut ankle pant. Beware of cropped. Wide leg might work, but you should make sure they are below the widest part of your calf and in a dark color. Pair with detailed top that draws the eye up.

Hourglass or Proportionate shape:

The sky’s the limit. You can wear nearly every shape pant, but you should avoid extremely skinny pants because they might make your shape look off-balanced. Cropped, Trouser, Ankle, Straight, Wide Leg all work for you!

Bigger on the top or Inverted Triangle:

Because this shape is wider on the top, the pants you select should balance your top half. That means you can wear pants with details, colors and prints: Ankle, Trouser, Straight, Wide Leg. I would avoid the cropped pant because it will make your bottom seem much smaller than your top.

Rectangle shapes should look for pants that give them some curves such as Trouser, Wide-Leg and even Straight Leg pants. Cropped pants probably won’t be the most flattering choice for you as well as skinny since you are already thinner and straight.

Bigger in the middle figures can rock a Straight leg pant, Trouser and possibly Ankle pant. The issue is what top you wear and making sure your pants hit at a flattering place on your middle. It’s important that your top flows nicely over your middle.

Of course, with the different pants types, you need certain shoes. This is often the issue my clients tell me about – yes, they are willing to try to new pants but want to make sure they have the right shoes – heel height and color – to wear with your new pants. I will write a blog just about this in coming weeks and tell you what shoes I think all women should have!

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Beth Divine, MA AICI Certified Image Consultant and Personal Stylist

President, AICI Chicago Midwest Chapter