Inventory-less Stores — Trendy or Here to Stay?–UHQYP4YFZccybtZGQng4aRdk-9k1shDEI0we1_SzJDyyIMhoCfYIQAvD_BwE


Oh, the beauty of walking into the mall. You have every type of store at your disposal. Once you go inside a store, you are met with dozens and dozens of clothing options. After sifting through the store for what seems like forever, you finally find the perfect piece. As delightful as this scenario sounds, could shopping as a whole be made easier? And, no I’m not talking about online shopping. Inventory-less stores are becoming the next big thing in the retail world.

Inventory-less stores have so many positive qualities to them. The smaller inventory levels make the store that much easier to organize. Therefore, when you’re looking through clothes you won’t be overwhelmed with the high quantity of items. In addition, due to the fact that there is less inventory, there is so much more space in the store. This makes shopping much more relaxing. Often times inventory-less stores will provide its customers with complimentary beverages because let’s face it shopping is hard.

Not only are inventory-less stores beneficial to shoppers, but retailers benefit as well. For example, retailers face less holding costs, because of their low inventory they don’t require high labor costs. In addition, the retailer will find they are provided with more usable cash. Retailers are maintaining lower levels of inventory, and only replacing this inventory as needed, therefore the retailer can free up cash in order to meet other expenses.

Stores like, Bonobos are making it that much easier to shop. Beginning in 2013, Bonobos began opening Guideshops throughout the United States. Essentially, Guideshops act as in real life, so this ensures you get the exact look and fit you need. ​The Guideshops are a curated showroom that you can book by appointment. Once you’re there you will receive one-on-one customer experience from a Bonobos Guide. The guide will walk you through all the available merchandise, as well as taking your personal measurements to ensure you receive

the best fit possible. In addition, you can try on pieces to help you decide what you would like to purchase. After you have decided what you would like to buy your Bonobos Guide will place your order, and ship it straight to your house. And that’s it! It really is that easy!

Even retail industry giant, Nordstrom, is planning on taking an inventory-less approach. In early 2018 Nordstrom created Nordstrom Local, located in California. The stores are 3,000-square-foot and have several impressive features. Shoppers have the ability to work with a personal stylist and on-site tailoring. In addition, customers can take advantage of buying online and picking up in the store. Also, when a customer places an order before 2:00 p.m. they can pick it up that same day.

Ultimately, inventory-less stores are becoming more and more popular in the retail world. They provide customers with an easy and hassle-free shopping experience, while still provided them with the latest trends in fashion. I believe that in the future more and more retail stores will take the inventory-less shift.

The question is …when will there be inventory-less stores for women? That is the question!!

Keep it sassy, Indy
Libby, Fashion Intern for Beth Divine Style