Outfits for Gathering!

Hard to believe Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I, your Indiana Wardrobe Stylist, have to say it’s one of my favorite holidays because I love the food – Don’t you? I am not sure what I love more — the turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, yeast rolls, bean, and sweet potato casseroles…And then the desserts! I am gaining 5 pounds just thinking about it.

Thanksgiving Style From Your Indiana Wardrobe Stylist

But since I am an Indiana Wardrobe Stylist, I’d like to talk about what to wear to Thanksgiving. Just in general, I know we all dress more casually than we used to, but I’d like to recommend that we step it up a bit for this special day.

Indiana Wardrobe Stylist suggestion of plaid shoes

An easy way to do that is to think about the fall colors and what ones look good on us. I am lucky to be able to wear nearly all fall colors such as brown, gold, orange, red, tan, and cream.

As an Indiana Wardrobe Stylist, I also like the textures of fall – materials such as corduroy, velour, sweaters, plaids, and more rustic footwear such as suede boots, printed shoes, and leopard print.

Since you’ll be eating on this special day you probably don’t want to wear an outfit that’s too constrictive, but don’t go the other direction and wear loose, baggy athleisure that will allow you to overeat!

So, depending on how dressed up your clan gets at Thanksgiving, here are some ideas on what to wear, based on your best colors. Now I have to put in a commercial here for my color analysis. If you really don’t know what colors make you shine, a color apt with your favorite Indiana Wardrobe Stylist is worth the money. It will help you make the best purchases and know the colors you wear flatter you and make you shine!

Style Suggestions from Your Indiana Wardrobe Stylist

Indiana Wardrobe Stylist suggestion of plaid skirt

Ladies – Sweater, corduroy jeans, and fun boots. Don’t forget the accessories. Even if you are wearing some neutrals, add some color to make the outfit interesting.

  • Corduroy or painted denim motto in wine, camel, rust, brown or olive, print blouse, jeans, and boots.
  • Denim dress and fun boots.
  • Velour dress and flats, perhaps leopard.
  • Plaid blazer, shell, and straight, casual pants.
  • Knit dress, fun scarf, and knee-high suede boots.
  • Denim jacket and color jeans or print dress.
  • Brown, rust, or tan leather anything: jacket, dress, skirt, or pants

View my favorite plaid skirt here!

Guys- Let’s not forget your holiday outfit. Here are some ideas:

  • Wool sweater, V-neck, and dark jeans with dressy sneakers.
  • Cream fisherman’s cable sweater, printed button-down, and colored jeans.
  • Updated plaid shirt, corduroy jeans, and suede boots or shoes.
  • Casual blazer, print shirt, and dark-rinse blue jeans.
  • Cardigan sweater, button-down shirt, and chinos.
  • Plaid shacket, dress T-shirt in a dark color, and olive pants or jeans.
  • Tweed sweater, print button-down, jeans, and Chelsea boots.
  • Bomber jacket in black, brown, or olive; dress T and dark-rinse jeans.
  • Here are some ideas to look at …as you prepare your Thanksgiving Day feast and look forward to some holiday from the daily grind.
  • Tweed vest, printed button down, and dark jeans or cords in fall colors such as wine, rust, brown, olive.

Finally, if you like to have some real holiday gear  – buy sweaters that say “Thankful” “Gather” or other endearing teams. I think they are fun and often in fall colors such as rust, brown, gold, or olive! Contact your favorite Indiana Wardrobe Stylist to learn more!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Keep it sassy,

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC

Indiana Wardrobe Stylist