New Year, New You…

As and Indianapolis Fashion Stylist, I encourage you to do two things this year: Try to stop buying lots of cheap clothing or things you don’t really need just because it’s on sale. I even encourage you to try not shopping for a month, take stock of your closet and clean it out… Then shop. (I can help you clean out your wardrobe and decide what good “bones” of clothing you need.…)

The other thing is not as easy to do…I encourage you to think about your wardrobe and whether you treat your lifestyle wardrobes “evenly.” Think about the things you do … for me, that’s working in business casual clothing, attending church, Colts games, date night, casual Saturdays and going out at night, working out, going out to formal events such as the symphony and of course sleeping. I have wardrobes for all of these events, and some of them are not stylish. For instance, when’s the last time you took a hard look at your sleepwear. Is it hideous or not even yours (do you wear your hubby’s T-shirts?) Or do you even wear old, stained workout clothing to your Yoga class. (check out the cute T-shirt here…pair it with the grey coat over your Yoga pants and step out in style after your class!)

I often find when I do a closet cleanse that women tend to buy heavily for one area of their lives such as work or casual.Then they sorely neglect other areas. For instance, they may not have any dresses at all in their wardrobe. — this is a mistake…you need all types of clothing…from a denim jacket to a dressy trench coat. A sparkly date night dress to comfortable yoga pants.

I will share my thoughts on this matter throughout the year…
Keep it sassy, Indianapolis.

Beth Divine, Indianapolis Fashion Stylist