Men’s Styling Tips

In this blog, I am targeting men who are dating, not yet married, and are open to advice from me! Some of it will be style advice, some just general advice. You can imagine your Indianapolis Personal Stylist often meets individuals who want to up their game for the dating “game” with some new outfits, etc, This fun and easy to do and often involves more than just clothing — we also discuss skincare — yes, guys should have a simple skincare regime, too — beyond the required SPF 30+ each day. Also, I often discuss haircuts and whether a new style is needed or desired.

Here are some general tips from me, someone who has been married 20 years this month!

Indianapolis Personal Stylist Suggestions for Men

  • Men's Styling Tips can be enhanced with help from Beth Divine, a Indianapolis Personal StylistWhen you have a date, go the extra mile with your grooming: clean shaven, beard trimmed and clean, showered, etc.
  • Clothes and shoes should be clean. For instance, yesterday at the doctor’s office I was waiting behind a nice-looking young man who had a nice coat, jeans, haircut, etc, but that image quickly went south when I noticed his dirty, torn sneakers. (Save these shoes for lawn mowing, guys!)
  • Have some nicer clothes you wear just for dates such as crisp dress shits, informal jacket or blazer (bomber, military jacket, denim jacket, blazer) that you wear for dates. Please stay away from strictly athletic clothes such as basketball shoes, running shorts and shirts, hiking clothing, camping clothing, etc. Case in point: last week my husband and I were eating out at a popular restaurant in our neighborhood. I could see there were a couple of people there on dates. One, in particular, I noticed: The woman was dressed nicely: blazer, dark jeans,  booties, nice hairstyle, and interesting jacket. The guy sitting across from her, however, was certainly not her equal. He had on a somewhat worn baseball-style T-shirt, jeans, and nondescript sneakers. They looked like oil and water together. And most important, it looked like the man did not put any effort at all into what he wore on the date. Considering our nonverbal image speaks louder than what we say, this man may not have another chance to make a “great” first impression with this lady.
  • Believe it or not, the impression you make goes well beyond how you look. Sometimes the little things really matter! For instance, saying please and thank you.
  • Be prompt when you’re meeting or picking up your date.
  • Open doors until your date says don’t.
  • Listen and make good eye contact: Don’t stare but do make some eye contact.
  • Dress for the date — if it’s outside, athletic, etc., dress for it.
  • When you’re making plans for your date, ask for ideas so it’s something you’ll both enjoy!
  • Communication is key!
  • Make sure your car is clean and neat.
  • Hmmm…have I forgotten something? Probably: But just keep this in mind. Think of the other person and wear a smile!
  • Not every date is going to be awesome, but looking back, I realize I always learned something from each and every date. Even though it’s been about 22 years since I was on a date!

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC
Indianapolis Personal Stylist