Making an Entrance to Your Holiday Gala!

Personal Stylist Recommends Easy-To-Move-In Dresses For Galas this Holiday Season

If you are like me, you look forward to holiday parties. I love, love getting dressed up. Men, you can include yourself in this category. What is more handsome than a guy in a suit, really, it’s true! If I had my way, I would wave my magic wand and dress every man in some form of a suit. Why? They do so much for you, men! If you are shorter, they can make you look taller and more imposing. If you are heavier, they are slimming. And the list goes on. When it comes to dressing to impress this holiday season, consider these tips from a certified Personal Stylist: 

Holiday Gala Fashion Tips From A Personal Stylist

When you think about what to wear for your next holiday event, consider this: Is it a dinner party? Cocktail party where you will be standing? It is a dance – maybe even ballroom dancing?

Think about what you are doing at the party when you plan your outfit. If you are standing the whole evening, better stay away from your 4.5 inch Jimmy Choo heels, ladies. If you are sitting more, embrace them. I really love beautiful, jeweled shoes for gala events. Also, remember that formal shoes are usually made of fabric such as satin or lace or just jewels.

If your main event is a dinner party, be very careful about the dress or shirt you wear. Avoid white and very light colors just because you don’t want to be the one with the food stain on your outfit. If you must wear a light color, adjust what you eat: Stay away from dark drinks, entrees with a red sauce or berry desserts.

If you’re going to be active during this party and dance or move about, ladies don’t wear a mermaid or extremely straight and fitted dress. There is a reason most ladies wear a fit and flare or twirly dress when they are dancing. They need the room.

Don’t buy a strapless dress, ladies, unless you have or are willing to wear a good strapless bra and have excellent undergarments. Otherwise, you cheapen a wonderful dress that is no longer flattering on you. Plus, it’s not fun constantly pulling up your gapping top.

Personal Stylist Encourages Men To Wear Black Ties To Galas This Holiday Season

If you’re unsure of the difference between Black Tie and White Tie Events, your Personal Stylist has your covered. This graphic is a great resource to define how to dress for your high-class affair. Basically, Black Tie is slightly less formal than White Tie. For women, Black Tie can mean a shorter cocktail dress or a ball gown; for men, a Tux is a better option. For white Tie, formality rules; women even wear long gloves. Men, either one means you wear a tux, and for White Tie it means a white jacket most of the time. Enjoy it.

When women hire me as their Personal Stylist for galas, I really like to do a color analysis to figure out the best colors. Then, we pick the dress. For instance, did you know some women DO NOT rock black? I am one of those ladies. I like to buy navy or some shade of blue or warm green for a gala since my eyes really shine in it. Also I love to add beautiful clutches in metallic, color or something different to the ensemble since it makes the outfit less predictable and more stylish. Don’t forget your sparkly, statement jewelry.

Beth Divine, MA

AICI Certified Image Consultant and Personal Stylist