Looking Chic at the Holiday Season!

Hello everyone! Like it or not, the holidays are coming now, one by one. After Halloween, they are there all in a row: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and even Valentine’s Day. If you are like me, you like to look festive and nice. We all want that, right. So, here are some ideas from your Indianapolis Men’s and Women’s  Indianapolis Personal Stylist.

Indianapolis Personal Stylist

Holidays with Your Indianapolis Personal Stylist

First, think about practical things: what are you doing at this event. Are you cooking? Are you hosting and just greeting people? Are you making a dish and bring it to a big gathering. These particular things will guide you as you pick your outfit.

Or are you going to an elegant party where you want to make a statement? Are you sitting in an audience, dancing on the dance floor, standing in a cocktail reception? These things will guide your choices as well.

In this blog, I am focusing on the more low-key, family at someone’s home events.  You can still dress up but you want to be comfortable. For these gatherings, I lean toward pretty blouses (maybe not billowing sleeves if I am in the kitchen helping) in flattering colors for me such as earth tones, greens, etc., that especially say fall. The colors you pick will depend on your Wow colors. (If you haven’t had your Wow Colors done, you need to do it. For me, it was the most important thing I did to establish my style and really set up my closet. I, your Indianapolis Personal Stylist,  had been spending too much money on colors/clothing that was popular but didn’t look good on me such as black, olive green, bright pink. I now buy more blues, browns, reds and other warmer colors — brighter colors.)

Now on to other parts of your outfits. I think jeans or fun pants are always a good addition to a holiday wardrobe. It doesn’t have to be jeans; in fact, I think this is the time to try some rust, navy or olive green corduroys; some red pants, or event some print pants such as subtle leopard or camouflage print. Comfort is key! Layer your fun top and pants with a leather or jean jacket, depending upon how dressed up you want to be.

Indianapolis Personal Stylist

You might think about showcasing some fun boots in brown, leopard or snake print or even red. I do love a beautiful suede boot. They are beautiful! Pair them with other earth prints or even neutrals such as cream, navy or black.

If you’re a sweater person, find a comfortable sweater that doesn’t itch or bake you (look for purer fibers such as wool, cotton or cashmere). Since you’re probably in someone else’s house, don’t overdo the sweater early in the season since you might end up way too hot. That is not fun.

You might consider a sweater as a layer you can take off. I, your Indianapolis Personal Stylist, am planning to wear this layering sweater from Evereve. I love the stripes; I am coordinating it with a rust cami, and some red suede boots and light black jeans. I will wear some fun, gold jewelry since they look the best on me.

Keep it sassy, Indy!

Beth Divine, MA

AICI Certified Image Consultant and Indianapolis Personal Stylist