Taking it to the Next Level: Kristy, Styled!

I met Kristy when she photographed my annual family pictures. While working with her, she mentioned she needed a new look — especially for networking with other business owners. So, of course, this Indianapolis Certified Image Consultant was up for the challenge. I know a style consult and shopping trip was just the ticket to give Kristy the confidence at her next networking event. This is one of my favorite projects — to help smart, hard-working business owners look the part and build their image. You can visit her website glaircreative.com

Image Consultant Step 1: Find a Color Palette

Our first order of business was to determine Kristy’s best color palette. As an Image Consultant, I use the amazing 4 seasons method, I love this method because is so easy to understand and simple for clients to use in order to understand what will best fit their image. Kristy wears her deep brown hair very long and prefers an all natural no makeup look. Also with her soft blue eyes, pale coloring and a rosy complexion, it was clear she was a cool-tone “Summer”. As a Summer, colors that compliment her are blue, grey, soft black, cool reds, purple and burgundy as well as some greens.

To the right is Kristy “wearing” the Summer color flag. 

Image Consultant Step 2: Determine Body Type

Next it was time to determine her body type. After I measured Kristy and noted her height and weight, it was clear she is a curvy, petite, full hourglass image. So, as her consultant, I advised her to find petite jackets, tops and pants, and make sure clothes are not too long for her. Her scale is small to medium which classifies her as petite but she can wear small to medium accessories and purses.

About the Hour Glass Shape

The curvy, hourglass image is one of the most desirable shapes for women, but even this body image has it’s issues. Here you can see Kristy looks better with a shorter top (on the right) versus one that is too long for her petite frame (on the left). This is because the short top divides her above the widest part of her hips giving her a liner look.

More Consultant Tips on the Hourglass Body Image

    • should define the waist as much as possible, otherwise clothes will not flatter.
    •  should watch very low-cut tops since they make you look “over the top.” (Now this is different for date night…for the office a little higher cut is a desirable image.)
    • v-necks or turtlenecks are great necklines as well as a scoop neck can work.
    • wrap dress to show off curves and curvy image
    • petites such as Kristy, as a her consultant, I suggested she should watch for dresses that are not too long–nearly always above the knee;
    • jackets should not be too long (never below the hip); and pants should not  be too short — Capri rarely works on a petite image since they emphasize shorter legs.

Image Consultant Step #3: Determine Client’s Style

When I asking Kristy about her style and personal image, she said she was a “little girly” but mostly classic and preferring styles that she can wear for several years. Being an artist (she graduated from Heron School of Art), Kristy likes to wear color and understands how to mix and match them. She likes black, and fortunately she can wear it well.

Image ConsultantDuring our shopping, we were looking for some outfits Kristy could wear to networking events as well as wear while taking photographs. We tried on a variety of jackets and pants, and Kristy liked these two outfits the most: Black faux suede waterfall-front jacket; lilac silk V-neck shell and the black pants she had. The second outfit is the same jacket,  and a v-neck polka-dot shell from Vince with blue pants (from Boden). Since Kristy’s image is really balanced, we don’t have to worry about where we put bright and dark colors, but we do want to think about avoiding tops that are too high neck and create a “box.”

After Kristy’s style consult and shopping trip, she expressed how empowered she felt and that she could now go into any store and pick an outfit that was flattering for her image! That is one of the best things a style consultant can hear from her clients!

With each style consult, I like to set a few style goals for my clients. This way each client has a starting point, for Kristy we set the following:

  • Invest in a well fitted bra, one with support and lift. (You wouldn’t believe how necessary this goal is for many of my clients. As women most of us are wearing a horribly unfitted bra.)
  • Shop in the petites section when ever possible, especially for jackets. The length is more fitting for her height.

If you’re interested in a style/shopping consult with a style consultant or want to buy a gift certificate for a loved one, please email me at beth@bethdivinestyle.com

Keep it Sassy, Indy.




Beth Divine, AICI CIC (Certified Image Consultant) and Personal Stylist