Couples Find the Right Fit with an Indianapolis Men’s Stylist

Couple happy with Indianapolis Men's StylistI’ve been working as an Indianapolis Men’s Stylist for more than 10 years and earned my Certified Image Consultant credentials in 2017. Anyway, over that time period, I’ve had the pleasure of working with individuals from many walks of life and in interesting situations. People have told me — you need to write a book about it. (I used to be an editor/writer in my previous career spanning about 25 years.) Anyway, if I did write a book, it wouldn’t be the typical style book about how to do this and that. There are too many books about that. My book would focus on what’s behind my clients’ issues with style and self-image. Many times it’s so much more than learning the right principles about putting together an outfit.

I usually notice very early on that my clients are way too hard on themselves. I once had a gentleman say to me “If you really think you can help me, let’s try it.” He was hard to fit in, and he had been buying clothes at Wal-Mart for years. He was right though — it was very difficult to find clothes that fit and even find his size. But we accomplished it. His wife, who’s very petite at 4’10”, quietly participated in our shopping trips. Soon, her husband said, it was her turn, and I shopped with her. We found some beautiful options and that surprised us both.

It was really fun to work with them both and know I had helped two, not just one, individuals realize their style and feel good about the way they looked.

The couple pictured here is another two-some I worked with. First I styled the husband who had been promoted and needed some polished clothes. He was a challenge to fit, so we went to a custom tailor. The results were phenomenal. Fit is just as important as color and style. Many times, it can even trump all the other efforts. Next, worked with his wife and we found some amazing options, too. Together they are one stylish couple and you can tell they feel great about the way they look.

What did these two couples have in common? They all had trouble finding clothes that fit them, and fit them well. When you think about all the people in the world and the number of alterations shops that exist you know. There are not enough craftsmen in the field. And, in general, people don’t want to pay extra to have alterations. That saddens me. I once had a client who refused to buy a jacket that was the perfect color, shape, etc., because the sleeves needed to be shortened. That is a simple fix.

The root of the problem is the retail and fashion industry which seems to ignore the shapes of real people. As an Indianapolis Men’s Stylist, I often work with petite, tall, and plus-size men and women. The choices are few. It’s maddening. This issue, along with the vast amount of cheap clothes being produced, is the most pressing in our field.

Anyway, I find myself becoming an expert in finding unusual, quality clothing for those the fashion industry continues to ignore! If you fit this category, reach out for an appointment. As an Indianapolis Men’s Stylist, I will find you the clothing you never thought existed!

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC, Personal Image Consultant