Holiday Dazzle

I’d be remiss if I didn’t visit the idea of what to wear to holiday parties and festivities. Of course, to the office holiday party, my rule is always … no cleavage, ladies, and no mini’s either. Remember, you make your living with these people, you always want to keep the atmosphere professional. I also encourage you to keep conversation light, free from political talk and other banter that would offend others.

A silk blouse or a sweater with a little metallic will go a long way to keep the evening light and festive! A dab of red lipstick is a welcome addition as well. I’ve also seen ladies wear a simple red or burgundy pencil skirt. So chic, and you can wear it again throughout the winter.

Now on to the fun part. What about those evening parties with friends, family, etc. I encourage you to indulge in the holiday looks, if you like red, wear it. Love a pretty red dress…as well as a deep forest green dress. Avoid super bright red and green. You don’t want to make someone’s eyes water!

Also pretty for the holidays is purple–the color of royalty–no less, magenta, sparkly silver and gold, as well as black with some lace accents. Wear red lipstick and some red shoes. Have some fun with it.

Don’t forget some sparkle in your accessories in your purse, shoes, earrings, rings or bracelets. If it’s an office party, go easy on the glam additions. If it’s for fun, go all out!