Flying the Friendly Skies and Enjoying the Ride…

Hello fashionistas,

If you are like me, you’ve probably done some traveling this summer. Whether you’re a road warrior or a free bird in the sky, you’d have to be blind not to notice what your fellow travelers are wearing.

Flying with Your Indianapolis Men’s Stylist

Indianapolis Men's Personal StylistIt’s really fun for me, as an Indianapolis Men’s Stylist, to watch people and take note of what they wear. Usually, right away you can distinguish business travelers from vacationers. They are wearing some type of business attire and look less casual since some will go straight to a meeting after embarking the plane.

One of my colleagues, from the Association of Image Consultants International, Edwards Bruce is a flight attendant at O’Hare Airport in Chicago. He recently discussed what he sees every day in his job.

“Weekday passengers to New York, Boston, DC or morning flights to London dress fantastically. But in other destinations, like vacation spots, I see people walking along in short-shorts or flip-flops. They are made for the beach. You shouldn’t be wearing them on a plane! I’ve seen leotards with UGG boots and a green stocking hat.” (Source: The Scroll, by Gretchen Rachel Hammond.)

No one can argue the fact that our society has turned a corner (and done an about face) with the way we dress. It’s especially true in airports. If you ever watch a Turner Classic movie where there’s an airport scene, you laughingly agree. Then, people wore the best clothes they had to fly. It was a treat. Women and men wore hats; suits, their Sunday-best.

I doubt we ever return to that time for many reasons that I don’t have time to cover here. Let’s just work with where we are right now.

Suggestions from Your Indianapolis Men’s Stylist

1) We dress casually—even at work. How can we make it look grand and appear well-dressed, confident and attractive, and acting like we really care how we look? If you are like me, you are often very cold in the airport. That’s way I can’t really wear summer dresses, shorts or sleeveless anything. First, since I never know where or how I will be eating, I like to wear darker colors to guard against spills.I also like to take a Tide pen. Here are some looks…

Nordstrom Dress

Nordstrom Knit Dress

Indianapolis Men's Personal Stylist2) Second, comfort is key. One of my favorite looks for flying or travelling in the car is a knit dress or jumpsuit. It moves with me, doesn’t wrinkle and basically always looks nice. I like to wear navy or black, tights and some cute chunky boots that I can walk in when I am at my destination.

Here are some ideas for men; I like a knit blazer in a darker color:

Macy’s Knit Sports Coat

I also like Untuckit’s shirts; this is a bright but neutral color:

I also like grey sneakers; they are easy to wear with lighter and darker colors:

I also like to take a warm, colorful scarf in a natural fiber such as wool, silk or cashmere. They just add a little something to my otherwise plain outfit. If I could rock leggings, which I don’t’, I’d wear some black leggings, a good quality cashmere or wool sweater with a pretty scarf. I might also bring a long sweater in a neutral color to wear over my outfit.

Quagliano Red


Guys can wear some stretchy, comfortable jeans in a dark color, or some athleisure jogging pants, black or other neutral T -shirt and a comfortable jacket such as a bomber jacket. In a neutral such as grey or olive. Wear some fancy sneakers of your choice or some boots in suede grey, black or brown.


Hope your vacations have been grand!

Keep it sassy, Indy.


Beth Divine,

AICI Certified Image Consultant and Indianapolis Men’s Stylist