Everybody Loves a Sale

Image Consultant

I know it, everyone. You all love a sale. I do, too. While I tell clients don’t buy everything on sale, 100 percent of the time, but there are times during the year, when it’s just smart to buy from a sale. (The swimsuit and towel are from Lilly Pulitizer–more on  that company later!)

One of those times are when summer days are fleeting, and the children are going back to school. While, yes, it’s true, many schools have already opened. Not all of them have!

Image Consultant’s Summer Deals

Anyway, the items I like to buy at the end of the summer are these: Whites: we all love them. I usually find I need some white T-shirts or blouses; maybe a white kami; sometimes white jeans, jean skirt or even white jean shorts. These items are definitely cheaper this time of year. If you’re a dress girl, look that perfect summerly white dress in lace, eyelet or even denim. Believe me, you will wear it next summer and even into fall with a denim jacket or brown leather jacket.

Brown Jacket with White Pants

White Dress

Image ConsultantSecond, I like to look for some classic blouses that I can wear into fall – with my white jeans and lighter color boots. Ann Taylor and Talbots had many really cute blouses that were reduced twice. (Yes, twice.) I am already wearing them and know I will wear them into fall until it cools down.

Black Blouse Paired with Yellow Pants and Brown Ankle Boots

Edgy Jacket with Black Boots

I also like to buy some leather shoes at this time of year: It might be a taupe or tawny color boot; a wedge, laced up sandal; or just classic leather flip flops that I know I will want next summer. My go-to leather brands are Frye and Ugg. It’s unbelievable how great Ugg leather sandals and shoes are. They are comfortable and really last.

Other basics I like to pick up are swim suits and good quality towels for the beach. I recently bought a tank suit from Boden.com. True to form, their bright colors are cheerful, fun and due to the sale really a good price. I love the quality, too.

An Image Consultant and Her Lilly Pulitzer

I also like to buy beach towels from Lilly Pulitzer as well as their swim suits. This company has one sale a year, so watch for it. Their bright colors and prints are so bright and beautiful – they remind me of summer. They do have sales twice a year, but the company does not tell you “when.” If you sign up for emails, you’ll be the first to know:

Lilly Pulitzer Sale Items

Here’s an example of their fantastic towels:

Lilly Pulitzer Towel

I also find some dresses can be a good deal. If you’re not a dress girl, don’t be tempted to buy a really trendy dress you don’t think you’ll wear next year. If you love dresses, go ahead!! I love to buy dresses that have a hint of fall such as an orange or yellow color, or a moody floral that will take you into next season nicely.

My attitude about fall is not the usual…I don’t follow all the rules. I definitely still wear white and even some summer prints, but I pair it with some fall touches such as brown leather, taupe booties, denim and a little darker print. You can do it, too

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine,

AICI Certified Image Consultant and Personal Stylist