Five Shoes Every Man Should Own…


I recently attended a conference on Men’s Wear in New York City. It was such fun: my favorite thing was eating lunch every day from the various food trucks. NYC food is among the best in the world; I am convinced.

Anyway, I eager to learn more about styling men. While men’s style appears to be timeless, one area that has changed is men’s shoe options. Many men are venturing out to more dressy tennis and casual shoes, along side the staples of wing-tip and cap-toe Oxford.

According to The Style Bible, The 11 Rules for Building a Complete and Timeless Wardrobe, these are the five shoes men should have in their closet:

1. The Sneaker (Not gym shoes, but lace up or slip on, and often canvas)

2. The Casual Shoe (lace up with a thin leather sole)

3. The Black Dress Shoe (Oxfords, traditional or Derby, cap-toe, plain or wing-tip, etc.)

4. The Brown Dress Shoe (Oxfords, traditional or Derby, cap-toe, plain or wing-tip)

5. The Ankle Boot (Chelsea boot is very popular)

I also am a fan of Monk Strap shoes and Loafers.

Men, have fun with it!

Beth, Your Indianapolis Fashion Stylist